Free Heart Monitoring Apps – See How to Download to Your Phone

To make your workouts more effective, you might want to consider downloading a heart monitoring app. Having one, you can get a clear evaluation of the state of your cardiovascular system as you go through your physical activities.

As you might have already heard, monitoring your heart rate serves as an effective approach to measuring your exercise intensity. In a way, this could help you determine when to further your workout and when to slow down for your best benefit.


Here, we have compiled the best free heart monitoring apps that you can use to keep track of your heart rate. Whether you simply want to check your heart health or want to know your starting point in your road to fitness, expect that these platforms can provide you the assistance you need. 

Top Heart Rate Monitoring Apps


Boasting of its advanced face-detection technology, Cardiio lets you measure your pulse rate using your phone’s front camera. Using the app, you will only need to scan your face via your device’s selfie camera and expect for the app to automatically read your heart rate. 

However, if you want to ditch the face scan, you can also simply place your finger over the camera’s lens to let the app measure your pulse rate. 


Designed to be a fitness-focused app, Cardiio comes complete with its own built-in high-intensity circuit training exercises, which you can refer to for possible workout routines. The app also features a personal dashboard, which lets you keep note of your daily, weekly, and monthly heart record.

Perhaps, the only downside with Cardiio is it is only available for Apple users. However, if you’re already using an Apple device, this condition won’t come as an issue. You can simply download Cardiio straight from the Apple Store for free.

Heart Rate Monitor

If Apple users have Cardiio, then Android users have the spectacular Heart Rate Monitor app. Staying true to its name, the platform lets you measure and monitor your heart rate as you go through your physical activities.


Similar to Cardiio, Heart Rate Monitor can measure your heart rate by scanning your finger. To do so, you can simply put your finger on your phone’s camera, stay still, and wait for the data to show after a few seconds.

Heart Rate Monitor app boasts of its intuitive design that is easy to use and master. On top of that, the platform also helps estimate the calorie you burn per hour and offers unlimited recording of your pulse rate data.

You can download the app straight from Google Play for free.

Instant Heart Rate

Often dubbed to be the best heart monitoring app in the market, the Instant Heart Rate app takes pride in its striking accuracy, which many claim to be the best in the market. 

Using the app, you can simply scan your finger via your phone’s camera and get accurate measurements on your heartbeat, BPM, and pulse zone in no later than 10 seconds. Similar to Cardiio, it also features in-built training zones, which you can add to your cardio workout routine.

Perhaps, what distinguishes Instant Heart Rate from the rest is it offers a PPG graph, which allows you to understand your heartbeat and BPM records easier by a variety of charts that can be broken down for your convenience. You can also share your records to other devices whenever you need to.

To date, Instant Heart Rate app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play for free


The Bottom Line

Have you found your best bet among these three? Which app do you plan on using for your physical activities? 

Gone are the days where you needed to rely on bulky chest straps to determine your heart rate. Through the help of these reliable platforms, you can now easily get on top of your cardiovascular health and develop a fitness plan that is safe to your heart.