Free Football Games – See How To Download

Football is undoubtedly one of the most-watched sports around the world. With its intense matches and even more skilled players, it’s difficult not to get hooked and in awe of everything that’s happening on the field.

Thankfully, there are numerous free football games that can help tide these intense feelings over. With these, you can finally play your own football game in the comfort of your own home – all from the convenience and accessibility of your mobile device.


Below are some of the best free football games available for download today. Take a look at what these games offer and how you can find football games for free on your mobile device.

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Dream League Soccer

Touted as one of the more realistic apps on the market, Dream League Soccer’ has realistic new gameplay with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as seamless use of 3D graphics and visuals.


What’s more, it also takes pride in its vibrant and dynamic gameplay to mimic the real thing. In addition to its new graphics and animations, this program also comes with the chance to create and manage players to comprise your dream team.

Beyond the wide roster of players to choose from, users have the chance to compete in various events and tournaments around the world.

With six divisions and over seven Cup competitions, Dream League Soccer promises more control and challenges to make every game worthwhile. This is available in both Google Play and the App Store.


FIFA Soccer

Available on both Android and iOS, FIFA Soccer is one of the more popular games for mobile users. Apart from its tie-up with the league itself, the appeal of the game lies in users’ ability to build their dream team and to play in just about any league or match.

The Ultimate Team feature, in particular, is one that’s been highly anticipated by gamers and football enthusiasts alike. After all, users have the chance to build their own team and experiment with the overall chemistry of their players.

With enhanced graphics, over 550 teams to choose from, various gaming modes, and more, FIFA Soccer is certainly worth checking out.

Head Ball 2

A slightly different take on football, Head Ball 2 is much more comedic and arcade-like with its graphics and overall gameplay. With only 90 exciting seconds to play, players can go against other users online – trying to score as much as they can in order to win.

Its unique gameplay with the end goal to score more goals and kick more balls makes it friendly to beginner.

With this game, users have the freedom to use not just the character’s feet, but also their heads and respective superpowers to do so. The different soccer leagues are also a wonderful feature of the game.

How To Download Free Football Games

If you’re interested in checking out the aforementioned apps above, you can easily download any of these straight into your mobile device or tablet. Below are ways you can download depending on the type of device or operating system you use. Take a look.

  • On Android

For Android users, you can simply download the free football game of your choice by heading to the Google Play Store. Once you have opened this, key in the name or title of the app you wish to download. Click ‘Install’ and wait for it to download.

After downloading, feel free to create a profile on the program. This will allow you to save your progress and keep tabs on your teams.

  • On iOS Devices

Similar to Android, iOS or Apple users may download whatever apps they wish in just a few clicks. To gain access to your free football games, open the App Store.

After opening the App Store, search for the desired program. Tap on ‘Get’ then click on ‘Install’ to proceed. Should you be prompted to verify your download, simply input your iTunes credentials to sign in to the iTunes Store.

Free Football Games

The Bottom Line

With these free football games, you can now practice the sport even in the comfort of your own home. Make sure to check these apps today. Who knows, you might just top the scoreboard and lead your team to victory.