Free Courses For Those Who Like Sports

Sports enthusiasts, who are planning to have a career in sports, need an academic background to better understand the rules of the games. Be it basketball, football, tennis, or gymnastics, having a degree helps to land a job in professional sports.


Aside from studying games and players, sports courses are offered by different universities and colleges to deepen knowledge of sports sciences and management. Before you can be a trainer of any athlete, you must learn about sports organization, ethics, and coaching.

Are you looking for free sports courses right now? There are a number of websites to check out if you want to self-study about professional sports management and other topics. Here’s a guide to finding these free courses online.


Academic Background In Sports

Before you land a job in professional sports or serve as a coach of any athlete, you need to have academic training. Aside from a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree, you can also enhance your portfolio by taking online courses in varying areas.


The field of sports is vast and you want to know more about the science of sports more than anything else. Additionally, sports management also helps to understand the business aspects of sports and intercollegiate events.

Companies and employers also look at an applicant’s academic background to assess whether they know about the job and can perform well in the field. If you have a degree but are interested in landing a job in pro sports, consider taking online sports courses.

Where To Find Free Sports Courses

Now that technology is advanced, you can self-study and learn about different topics in sports easily. There are various websites and organizations that offer free courses to individuals who are willing to learn.

The following websites offer absolutely free online courses.

  • Class Central

Class Central is one of the best websites you can check out for free sports courses. To date, there are 68 available courses to take in varying areas.

Courses include Nutrition and Exercise, International Sports, Sports Marketing, Becoming an Agent, Science of Training Athletes, and more.

The website simply gathers all free courses offered by different universities. Users are given an overview of the course and the website redirects users to the university websites.

Additionally, Class Central also provides the syllabus online, as well as the name of instructors.

  • Coursera

Another website to check out for free sports courses is Coursera. This site works similarly like Class Central but provides more information, whether a course is for beginners or for intermediate level. The website also offers specialization units but is not for free.

Coursera also shows the information on the universities that offer the course as well as the number of students. Ratings are also showed to give you an idea of students’ feedbacks and overall comments about the course.

  • US Sports Academy

The United States Sports Academy helps people discover skills and increase their knowledge of sports.

The education organization provides free courses online, with a maximum length of 16 weeks. Some of the courses available are Introduction to Coaching and Sport-Related Concussions.

The lessons are helpful to understand the concept of sports and to enhance the skills of an individual. After every standard course, the organization offers a continuing education unit with a tuition fee of $150.

This continuation is not mandatory but anyone can choose to enroll.

  • Learning Path Org

Learning Path Organization provides academic training in different fields of sports. The best part is, students don’t only get references to study but also instructional videos for further learning.

Just like other free online courses, Learning Path also doesn’t feature professor interactions.

Courses offered are not limited to Chemistry of Sports, Tennis, SCUBA, Weight Training, Aerobic Fitness, Elite Sport, and Sports Management.

  • MOOC List

Check out MOOC List for diverse sports courses for free. Users can search for specific topics or fields by simply entering course titles and start date. The website also provides information about the course as well as the provider of the course.

Ratings are also provided, plus a description that helps students identify what they can learn from each course.


Learning isn’t limited to a classroom setup. Even if you are at home, you can still learn about things like sports and management, through online courses. Make sure to check out these free classes to learn more about the different fields of sports.