Fan Survey Shows England’s Biggest Teams

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most beautiful tourist destinations and historic sights throughout the world. Aside from its unique architecture and vibrant culture, more and more people around the world are keen to visit England primarily because of their love for sports, football, in particular.

In England alone, football is considered the national sport, which constantly generates approximately 375 million British pounds, and such was the case in 2018. Because of the massive reach and popularity of the sport, this draws in thousands of visitors from all parts of the globe.


While the passion for the sport continues to be unmatched, there’s no denying that fans and supporters alike have their own respective teams to root for. Without further ado, here are the biggest teams in England today based on a fan survey conducted in 2019. Take a look.

What Makes a Club ‘Big?’

According to Betway who previously conducted a ‘Big Club Survey,’ they mainly look at a number of key criteria to determine the size and reach of an England-based team. Using the said criteria, participants and fans are asked to rank these categories out of 10 based on their relevance.

Among the 10 criteria used to determine the biggest teams are stadium size, recent PL seasons, total PL seasons, number of internationals, recent silverware, and worldwide support. However, there are other categories which are much more complicated to rank, such as the total silverware earned, the match-going support, the European pedigree, and the total transfer spend.


Clubs are all ranked based on the aforementioned categories with 20 points being awarded to the top one.

Another similar fan survey conducted by the English Football League (EFL) for 2019, with a sample size of 27,854, tackled a wide range of categories as well. This spanned the team’s match day experience, the cup competition formals, the officials, and the type of broadcasting.

From the EFL’s fan survey, one of the primary reasons why respondents became a supporter is that their family connections played a great role in influencing their love for a particular team. Moreover, a huge factor to a fan’s experience also stems from the type of match and atmosphere during games.


England’s Biggest Teams

Now that you know more about the factors and categories that come into play when determining how big a club might be, you might have gained a deeper understanding of the popularity and reach of these clubs.

Take a look at three of the biggest clubs in England today.

Manchester United

Manchester United remains the biggest team in the whole of England, despite having experienced a somewhat rocky road to success in the past number of years. According to The Irish Times, around 33% of 1,033 respondents voiced their support and love for this club.

While a relatively small number compared to millions of its fans, it comes as no surprise that Manchester United topped this ranking. Besides winning the English top-division league championship 20 times, it has also endeared fans to some of the best players in the world.

Liverpool FC

It appears that Liverpool FC has managed to snag the second place in numerous fan surveys, including the study cited by The Irish Times, which is based on the study conducted by Empathy Research for An Atlas Irish Sport.

Liverpool’s close place in second may be attributed to their race towards their first English title in 30 years. It is also gaining popularity among younger fans and generations, thanks to its recent successes in various leagues, such as the FA Cup, the League Cup, and many more.


Though technically in the lower half of the Premier League, Arsenal continues to shine with its fair share of fans and supporters around the globe. Even former Arsenal captain himself, and now first-time head coach for the team, Mikel Arteta, states that theirs is the biggest team.

Arteta may be right, especially as Arsenal has an impressive lineup under its belt, including 13 top-flight titles and 13 FA Cup championships.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know England’s biggest teams, you might want to show these clubs some love. As they soldier on through their matches, you might just find the tables turning anytime soon, so keep a close watch!