Dribble Up Soccer Ball: Check Out This Smart Ball

Have you heard about smart ball? This is a dribble up soccer ball app that you can use to dribble any type of ball. Don’t worry about the need to buy various balls at different times as the ball doesn’t actually change, rather it’s the app that changes or gets upgraded constantly. 

This app features an augmented reality function that is used to track the ball. Dribble up soccer ball has a virtual trainer who is usually a professional player showing you the demos. This app focuses on soccer essentials and encourages technical repetition. 


As much as the young generation would rather have the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, etc being the virtual trainers, all you actually need is any professional. Learn more about this smart ball app below in the article.

Dribble Up Soccer Ball: Check Out This Smart Ball
Image Source: Engadget

What is Dribble Up Soccer Ball?

DribbleUp Soccer ball is a smart ball app that allows you to learn dribbling skills. This is quite a soccer innovation that many especially the young generations have embraced. 

Many people were worried that buying an early prototype of the ball would later become obsolete when a newer version of the app was introduced. However, it’s important to note that with this smart ball app, you can use the same ball as it’s only the app that changes or gets upgraded.


The DribbleUp Ball

It has a unique pattern implanted in the ball’s surface which makes it ‘app enabled’. This explains why you have to hold the ball up so that it gets scanned before you start playing

This smart ball app is both iOS and Android compatible. The device uses the pattern entrenched on the ball to track it as you play. The DribbleUp ball doesn’t require charging or Bluetooth to work. 

Virtual Trainer

The app gives you virtual trainers to show you the details involved in dribbling the ball. Since this app is mostly used by kids aged 5 – 18, they will enjoy this smart ball that combines gaming and training. 


Let them be trained by professionals and stand a better chance compared to their teammates that work only during organized practice. The trainer focuses on soccer fundamentals and encourages technical repetition

How Many Balls Do You Need?

There is a misconception that you need a specific ball to pair with the app, but this is not true. You can use any DribbleUp soccer ball on the same app. 

For instance, if a brother and sister each have a ball, in case one ball is lost, they can share the remaining ball. Another key takeaway is that both siblings can use the same app but login with their different individual user (since this app is especially for the young that may not own phones and hence use their parents’).

Features of DribbleUp Soccer Ball

Professional Training at Home

You don’t need to walk to a football pitch to be trained by a professional (especially with the pandemic that has brought up social distancing rules).  

All you need is opening up an account in the DribbleUp App and connecting, and the rest is perfecting your athletic skills in the comfort of your home.

Daily Live and Interactive Sessions

This app will sync with your live class for personalized feedback. Forget about YouTube videos and video chat, these live interactive sessions will have you repeat what your virtual tutor is doing until you drop.

Dribble Up Soccer Ball: Check Out This Smart Ball
Image Source Engadget

Set Goals and Track Your Progress

This smart ball technology allows you to set goals you want to achieve in a set of time like a week and track your progress. If you are not achieving your set goal, you might need to increase repetition and ultimately increasing your skill.

Unlimited Training

With this smart app, there is no getting bored because of repeating the same sessions. The trainers are always working behind doors to release lots of fresh live and on demand sessions monthly which keeps your training interesting.


The proprietary soccer ball that you need for the app costs $89.99. It is said the relatively high price is because the ball is the same make like the ball professionals use.  It comes with a tripod that you will use to hold the phone. Downloading DU soccer app is free. 


You will need to put your tripod down and safely tuck in your phone. Hold the phone about 1 meter away so that it gets scanned using the phone’s front camera. You will get a template of a ball on your phone screen as a guide. 

Bottom Line

Dribble Up soccer ball is a smart ball app that will let your young athletes hone their athletic skills at home. You will need to download DU Soccer app, purchase the proprietary soccer ball and follow the template of the ball on your screen. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.