Discover the Most Watched Soccer Tournaments in the World

One of the most popular sports in the world is soccer. If you are an avid fan of this sport, watching it personally is what you look forward to. Soccer is one of the sports that can gather thousands or even millions of attention across the globe in a single game.

What’s good about this sport is that it is open to all. There are no height requirements, unlike other sports, but of course, it’s ideal to have the skills. Over the years, soccer has proved that it can breakdown barriers between language, race, and color. 


No wonder soccer tournaments are one of the events that are most-awaited, whether your country is participating or not. Read on to discover the most-watched soccer tournaments in the world since this sport started.

Discover the Most Watched Soccer Tournaments in the World
Image Source: FIFA

The FIFA World Cup

Nowadays, soccer is played by both men and women and that’s why there are more people who are becoming a fan of this sport. FIFA is a 32-team tournament consisting of the national soccer teams around the world. 

When it comes to popularity, the World Cup ranks the top. It is held quadrennially, so no wonder it boasts huge attendance at every event. 


The World Cup game that holds the record for most attendees is a game where there were about 3.3 billion viewers for both TV streaming and audience who supported the game personally. 

This game is truly a world event because it represents peace, diversity, and tolerance among participating countries.

UEFA Euro Champions League

This is an annual continental club soccer competition that is played between the top-division European soccer clubs. The Union of European Football Associations Champions League is considered one of the prestigious club competition in the field of soccer. 


The most-watched soccer tournament of the Euros is the Champions League 2011, with over 180 million views across the world. The UEFA Euro Champions League is a 24-team tournament that is a quadrennial sporting event.

Women’s World Cup 

Nowadays, soccer is no longer a sport for men, but it is becoming more popular for women. In fact, the Cup in France attracted a lot of attention. The format for the women’s team is just the same as the men’s tournament. 

There were a lot of Americans and other nationalities who watched the tournament in 2019 held in France, where the U.S. team got the championship. The 2019 tournament had an incredible view, with over 1.12 Billion who watched the tournament on that same day.

Copa Libertadores

This is one of the most prestigious soccer tournament in South America that is comparable to Europe’s Champions League. It’s an annual international club soccer competition. 

The most-watched tournament of Copa Libertadores is the 2019 tournament with 41.1 million views. The tournament consists of eight stages that start in January and end in November. 

One of the most successful clubs in this tournament is the Independiente of Argentina, where the team won seven times. 

English Premier League

Discover the Most Watched Soccer Tournaments in the World
Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

As the name implies, this tournament consists of English teams only. It is on the list of the most watched soccer tournaments because it attracted an average of 4.7 billion people who watched the game for both live matches and TV audiences. 

The season runs from August to May, where each team is expected to play 38 matches.


If you would like to experience the most intense and competitive championships in the world of soccer, look back on these most-watched soccer tournaments in the world. Make sure to check these tournaments out.