Discover Endurance Athlete Rob Krar

Running for miles gives just about anyone the chance not only to see the world with new eyes but to also get some much-needed exercise for the body. After all, running long distances is one of the healthiest – and most accessible – ways to condition the body. 

Rob Krar is no stranger to running and the endurance community. He is regarded as one of the most inspiring and motivational athletes in the field. What’s even more jaw-dropping about his journey is that he is willing to push his limits in both physical and mental capacities. 


Not everyone can leave big footsteps to fill, but there’s no denying that Rob Krar does. Let’s get to know more about this endurance superstar and the battles he has had to overcome in his life to be where he is today. Take a look. 

Discover Endurance Athlete Rob Krar

Getting to Know Rob Krar

Rob Krar is a Canadian endurance athlete who partakes in different ultrarunning events, proving his skills and prowess all throughout the world. Besides ultrarunning events, Krar is also an active participant in numerous endurance sports, including extreme sports such as ski mountaineering. 

Krar’s love of sports and the endurance community was ignited at a young age. He grew up exposed to the wilderness and to roughing it out in the open, what with his canoeing and cross-country skiing trips with his family and loved one. 


Besides these sports, Krar also found his path with competitive running, representing Canada for the triathlon event for the World Championships.

He even delved into badminton and water polo in his younger years, both of which played a huge role during his high school formative years, even becoming a member of the school’s team.

As he went on to college to Butler University, Krar started competing in longer distances, tackling the 800m and the 1500m under his belt, all while managing his studies in the Doctor of Pharmacy program


While Krar may have temporarily stepped away from the limelight during his stint as a pharmacist, he found his way back to ultrarunning, going at least 120 miles a day, six days a week. 

Record-Breaking Achievements

After a devastating knee injury in 2017, Rob Krar managed to snag 14th place at the Leadville Trail 100 MTB with his mountain bike. A week later, he staged one of the record-breaking feats in the Leadville Trail 100 Run’s history – finishing second by more than an hour. 

Other notable achievements that certainly deserve praise and attention include his participation in the 2017 Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Italy to represent his home country, Canada. 

Rob also won the 2012 Moab 33k – two years after he was diagnosed with Haglund’s deformity on both of his heels in 2009 and he got surgery. This win was a transformative one, especially in a competitive sport that’s just about as cutthroat as it gets. 

A year after, in 2013, Krar participated in the Leona Divide 50 – his first foray into running 50 miles – and emerged as a winner in both the single and double-crossings in the Grand Canyon. In 2013, he also garnered the Ultra Runner of the Year award from the Western States Endurance Run. 

A year after (unofficially) committing himself to ultrarunning, he won three 100-mile events in 2014, all within 11 weeks, namely Leadville, Run Rabbit Run, and the Western States. 

Today, he is still very much into leading an active and healthy lifestyle. When Krar is not participating in these competitive events, he spends his time training or coaching, as well as going to events, races, and other similar appearances. 

Not Just Physical

Ultrarunning and his foray into the endurance community served more than just a means of exercising and strengthening his body. 

More than making his body more powerful, Rob Krar recognized that the sport provided him with a sense of peace and acted as a coping mechanism with his struggle with depression. 

Today, thanks to his successes in the field, Rob Krar has now gained the platform not only to speak about such competitive events, but also to battle the stigma against depression and, in turn, improving the mental health landscape. 

He has also advocated and continues to advocate for a number of environmental events such as protecting nature from uranium mining and logging as well as the protection and preservation of public lands. 

Discover Endurance Athlete Rob Krar

The Bottom Line

Rob Krar’s bouts with darkness and challenges are far from over. However, with his love for the sport and his supportive endurance community, he continues to endure and succeed every step of the way.