Diego Maradona Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Legendary football player Diego Maradona recently passed away due to cardiac arrest on November 25, 2020. For the duration of his career, the Argentine player exhibited exceptional tenacity not only in the field but also in the streets.

He led Argentina to remarkable victories and was considered a genius during his time. While his peak was short, he was one of the greatest players in football history.


With his passing, fans and casual followers alike mourn the loss of such a tremendous inspiration not only in the world of football but in the sports arena as a whole. Let’s look back on his eventful life.

Diego Maradona Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Diego Maradona and His Legacy

Diego Maradona set the record for two of the most iconic goals in football history. One being iconic because of the controversy that followed and the other because of how brilliant the goal was. 


Legendary Goals

Both goals were made in the 1986 World Cup in a game against England, which Argentina won. The first one is now called the Hand of God. 

That’s not because of how miraculous the goal was, but because Maradona literally used his left hand to push the flying ball toward the goal. The player admitted to handballing later in his life. 

Many fans argue that the ball was going toward his head anyway, so the ball would still go into the net even without the Hand of God.


The second goal against England is voted the Goal of the Century because of the unforgettable strike that won the game against England 2-1. Argentina was hailed the champion of that 1986 World Cup. 

World Cups

He went on to lead the Argentina team through two other World Cup tournaments, making up a total of four. He won the silver medal in the 1990 World Cup. 

Maradona played for several teams during his career. He joined the Barcelona team from 1982 to 1984, which he helped win the Spanish Cup and Spanish League Cup in 1983.

Then, he joined the Napoli team in 1984 and helped them win two Italian Serie A, the EUFA Cup, and the Italian Cup in 1987, 1990, 1989, 1987, respectively. He finally decided to retire at 37 years old in 1997.

Aside from his football career, he was also known as a leftist who openly spoke about wealth inequality. He was involved in various activist causes at a time when celebrities being involved in political causes was not common.

Life after Retirement 

The celebrated athlete lived a legendary life on- and off-field. After his career as a midfielder, Maradona started coaching football teams. He was hired as the coach of Argentina’s national team in 2008 for the 2010 World Cup. 

However, the team failed to snag the victory. He then joined the United Arab Emirates team Al Wasl as a coach but he was fired. Then, he coached Mexico’s Dorados de Sinaloa in 2018.

The thing is, Maradona’s health deteriorated after he retired, due to his involvement with cocaine. He had two hospitalizations in 2000 and 2006 because of heart problems. 

He also had a successful brain surgery in early November 2020 where a blood clot was removed.

Death and Mourning

In late November 2020, he finally succumbed to heart problems when he suffered a heart attack and died. The world mourned his loss, especially his homeland Argentina that declared a three-day mourning period for him. 

Diego Maradona Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Final Thoughts

Maradona made a mark in the football world and made Argentina proud. 

With his various achievements on the field and his activism, he will be remembered for his championship in the World Cup and for championing the rights of the disenfranchised.