Dance Workout Options You Can Try At Home

Working out and exercising your body is a great way to keep your body fit while also maintaining your health. Many people see fitness as a priority, which is why the fitness industry has been rapidly gaining ground in the past years.


In fact, the global fitness industry recorded a revenue of $94 billion. However, at a time when people are stuck at home, going to gyms and health clubs is impossible. However, you can still do a dance workout. These exercises are easy to do in the comfort of your home.

What you simply need is your mobile phone, a computer or TV, and space to work out in. Wondering what workouts are the best for you? Here are 5 workouts you should check out.


Dance Workout Options

Top 5 Dance Workouts To Do At Home

1. Body By Simone

Body By Simone was developed by celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue. This 25-minute workout is designed to help you exercise your cardiovascular system. It is guaranteed to increase your heart rate and burn calories with such a holistic yet doable routine.


This routine is recommended for individuals who want to lose weight. If you are curious whether this exercise works, just take a look at the social media posts of celebrities who do it such as Chrissy Teigen.

The best thing about this is that it is fun and easy to do. So, you do not have to worry about messing up the routine. If you do, the important thing is that you do the steps for your workout.

The app is currently only available in the Apple App Store but will be available on Google Play soon.

2. 30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

Those who like a little more zing to their routine might want to check out the 30-minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout. This video is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and not only because of the physical movements but because of the exciting moves.

This is the best workout for individuals who are looking to move their shoulders and hips all while exercising their hearts and burning calories. With the help of Equinox dance expert Nicole Steen, you can definitely get into the groove with this video.

Just visit their website to sign up for a class!

3. Dance Workouts By The Fitness Marshall

Those who prefer a shorter workout should definitely out The Fitness Marshall’s YouTube channel. Created by Caleb Marshall, the videos in this channel offer easy dance sequences to popular songs like Justin Bieber’s Yummy and Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now.

A great thing about these videos is that they are only around three minutes long. This is good for people who want a quick workout while also jamming to popular songs. So, if you love dancing, then this is a good choice for you.

4. Just Dance

People who love playing games their devices might remember enjoying games such as DDR. The game definitely requires physical activity that can help you work up a sweat.

If you want a more interactive workout experience but you do not have the equipment for it, Just Dance might be a great option for you. You just need to download the mobile app on your phone and connect it to a display screen such as your TV.

Your phone will act as a controller to help track your movements. Just follow the movements on the screen and you will soon be sweating.

5. Zumba

Last but not least is Zumba, one of the most popular workouts across the globe. In fact, it has become a global phenomenon with around 15 million people practicing it. For members, Zumba is not only a workout or dance class but a lifestyle.

This exercise lets you workout to exciting tunes. It is perfect for every individual who wants to sweat it out while having fun with their friends. You can enroll in a Zumba class, whether in person or online.

There are different types of classes that address different needs. You can find toning classes and water classes. Kids also have their own class types as well.

Dance Workout Options

The Bottom Line

Working out at home does not need to be boring. With these dance workouts, you can have fun while exercising, making it easier to achieve your fitness goals. Check out these workouts today!