Cricket Application – See How to Download

Cricket is one of the lesser-known sports compared to basketball and football, but it certainly is one of the most exciting ones. Among the batsmen, bowlers, and fielders from the two teams, the game can definitely get intense as each team plays to outscore the other. 

This sport also has loyal fans, especially in England, India, and Australia. These people like to keep up with all the updates in the off-season and especially during the season. The best way to do so? Using a mobile app, of course!


If you are a fan, you want to make sure that you have the best app to keep yourself updated about all things cricket. Browsing your store may give you an idea of what to download. To get the absolute best, here is a simple guide of what application to get and how to get it.

Cricket Application - See How to Download

What is the Best Cricket Application?

When it comes to live updates, scores, and news, Live Line & Cricket Scores is your best bet. It gives users complete information about matches, from the name of the umpire to the final score. You can even see the pitching conditions, so it is as if you were there at the venue!

Aside from all the basic information about the match, you can also access ball to ball score and audio commentary for expert insight about the game. Live matches, schedules of games, and full scorecards are also available for you to see.


This app understands the needs of a fan, especially those who are devoted to specific teams. This is why you can view categorized ICC rankings, including men’s and women’s complete rankings. Weekly, monthly, and yearly leaderboards are also accessible.

You can download this application for free, but keep in mind that it has in-app purchases, which allow you to remove ads and access exclusive content. 

How to Download

Now that you know that Live Line & Cricket Scores is the best cricket application, you might be looking forward to experiencing what it has to offer for yourself. Here’s how you can easily get the app.

  1. Head to your phone’s application download source. For Android, this is the Play Store and for iOS, this is the App Store.
  2. Search for the name of the app. Then, tap on the Install or Get button.
  3. Wait for the download and installation to finish.
  4. Once done, you can simply launch the app through your home screen or app drawer.

3 Close Contenders for Best Cricket Application

If you want different applications to ensure that you get information from various sources, you can definitely get other apps to supplement your existing one. Here are three apps you should consider getting.


This free-to-download app lets you access a wide variety of match info, from scores and stats to news commentaries and exclusive videos. In fact, you can also get a ball-by-ball commentary to keep you up-to-date, especially on live matches with CricBuzz.

Those who want to keep themselves updated in real-time will surely love the notification function for live matches and breaking news. For quick access, the app comes with a widget which you can place on your home screen.

This app also features in-app purchases, giving you the option to buy premium access to more content.


Developed by ESPN, a dedicated sports channel, you can expect ESPNCricinfo to have top-notch and updated content. It also offers worldwide coverage, so you will not miss out on games wherever you are in the world. This app is free to download.

Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru is known for having a list of things related to the sport. From upcoming and recent matches and series to all players including their info. It also offers live matches not only for worldwide leagues but also for local ones. You can download this for free.

Cricket Application - See How to Download

The Bottom Line 

Fans do not need to search far and wide just to get updates. With the right cricket application, you can get live and real-time news no matter where you are. So, make sure to check out these apps to see what best fits your needs as a fan of the sport.