Clubs Launch Custom Masks with Shields – Check Out The Photos

There is no denying that health and sanitation workers are the vanguards of society during this pandemic. Because of this, local governments are calling on the public to stay at home and self-isolate to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

While public cooperation and government action are integral parts in addressing the virus pandemic, the involvement of huge companies and influential organizations can make a huge difference. This is why sports firms such as Nike and Bauer are taking action in producing PPEs.


As Nike is repurposing sneaker parts to make personal protective equipment and Bauer is funneling its resources to producing face shields instead of hockey equipment and apparent, various sports clubs are now involved in providing PPEs to frontliners

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Clubs that Launched Custom Masks with Shields

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is one of the leading leagues when it comes to producing face shields. It worked with medical company Novant Health to create designs for masks with shields, which NASCAR can make using its five 3D printers

The car racing league is donating these PPEs as a way to participate in charity during these trying times. Particularly, the parent company of CORE autosport’s racing team has shifted to making masks and face shields. NASCAR’s top manufacturers, Toyota, General Motors, and Ford have also been engaging in similar productions to help address the pandemic.


When talking about sports clubs producing protective gear, we cannot go without mentioning Fanatics, Inc. This company is the largest manufacturer of sports-related fan gear and collectibles. It is also the official operator of over 300 online and offline stores for sports clubs.

It is handling the e-commerce shops for official merchandise of various leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL. In partnership with these leagues, the company has been producing non-medical-grade face masks with team logos, which the public can use to protect themselves.

Like Fanatics and its partner clubs, some European football clubs have also begun making non-medical masks designed with their brand and logo. 


Where to Get These Club’s Custom Masks with Shields

If you are interested in buying these masks, you just need to check out these clubs’ online shops. For CORE autosport’s PPEs, you just need to visit Composite Resource’s site where you can purchase shields for $30 per pack of 5, $500 per pack of 100 and $4,000 per pack of 1,000.

Those who are fans of the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL can get their masks through the Fanatics website. It carries all types of gear for fans complete with team logos and designs, so you can rep your favorite team while protecting yourself. 

If you want to purchase these non-medical masks, you just need to, the official partner of the aforementioned leagues. Prices are consistent throughout the site, so you do not have to worry about differences in pricing.

You can snag a 3-pack of non-medical face masks for $24.99,or you can choose to purchase only one for $14.99. Alternatively, you can also choose a different style which comes in threes for $19.99. Shipping is free, which can make your purchase more worthwhile.

To purchase masks made by European football clubs, you can simply visit their respective sites. For the Wycombe Wanderers, you can go to their official partner O’Neills. Fans of Austrian team Rapid Vienna can visit the RapidShop, which offers their masks for 5.95 euros. 

Germany’s FC Sankt Pauli lets you purchase their merchandise for 14.95, while Fortuna Dusseldorf sells its items for 6.95 euros. Some shops have additional charges for shipping so take note of the price and delivery fees. 

Just keep in mind that non-medical masks are non-surgical-grade, which means that it is not suitable for frontliners and can only do so much when it comes to protecting you from the exposure to the virus. Make sure to use these coverings wisely. 

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The Bottom Line

Big companies and organizations such as sports clubs can play a big role in helping address the pandemic. With their participation in producing PPEs and other protective gear for the public, they can help in minimizing the spread, while also stimulating the economy.