Check Out These Exercises to Become More Flexible

In order to be more flexible, the best exercises to do are those that aim at stretching your body. One of the most exciting parts about doing these flexible workouts is that they encompass a well-rounded fitness routine that incorporates cardio and strength work.

Stretch exercises are good for reducing the tightness in your muscles and improving your flexibility. They are the ultimate workouts that are safe and efficient. Additionally, having tight muscles can lead to undue strains in your joints during normal and daily functions.


The reason why you should be extremely concerned about your muscles and flexibility is that as you age, your muscles become short and less elastic. Read on to learn some exercises to become more flexible.

Check Out These Exercises to Become More Flexible

Standing Hamstring Stretch

This particular exercise will stretch your back, neck, calves, and hamstrings. It is important to stretch these muscles for better flexibility and to get rid of back and neck pains. 

To perform this exercise, start by standing tall and with your feet and hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and keep your arms by your side.


Exhale while bending forward to your hips. Lower your head to the floor and keep your head, shoulders and neck relaxed.

Then, wrap your arms behind your legs and then hold around 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Bend your knees and then roll up when you are done.

Piriformis Stretch

The Piriformis muscle usually is a deep internal rotator of your hop and it is round on the outside of your butt. Its main role is to rotate your hip externally. It also produces a lot of movement for your hip and it is often overlooked.


Now since it crosses over the sciatic nerve, it is a tight muscle that can result in nerve irritation, and stretching it helps to prevent future sciatica. 

To perform this stretch, start by sitting on the floor and have your legs extended in front of you. Cross the right leg over your left one and then place your right foot flat on the floor.

Place your right hand behind your body on the floor. Just keep your left hand on the right quad or on your left elbow know right on your right knee, then press your leg to the left so as to twist your torso on the right.

Lunge with a Spinal Twist

This stretch is actually referred to as the world’s greatest stretch in the fitness world. This is for good reason as it is essential for posture-related pain in people who tend to sit for long periods of time. 

It opens up your hips and improves your thoracic or mid-back mobility. To perform this exercise, start by standing with your feet put together. Then, take a big step in front using your left foot so you can be in a staggered stance. This will stretch your quads, hip flexors, and back.

Bend your left knee, and then drop down into a lunge, and keep your right leg straight right behind your toes and on the ground, so you can feel a stretch at the front of your right thigh.

Place your right hand on the floor and then twist your upper body on the left so that you can extend your arm toward the ceiling. Hold this pose for around 30 seconds or 2 minutes. Repeat this on the other side.

Triceps Stretch

Check Out These Exercises to Become More Flexible
Image Source: Very Well Fit

This particular exercise will stretch your neck, shoulders, triceps, and back-side. To perform this stretch, start by either sitting, kneeling, or standing tall with your feet wide hip-width apart. Then, extend your arms overhead.

Next, bend your right elbow so that it reaches the right hand, and touch the top middle part of your back. Try and reach your left-hand overhead and then grasp just below your right elbow.

Gently pull your right elbow downwards and towards your head. Finally, switch your arms and then repeat.


These are some of the best stretching exercises to make you become more flexible. The best part about doing these exercises is that they will help to eliminate all sorts of neck, back, or leg pains that are common to people who are busy every day.