Check Out the NFL Predictions of 2020

The 2020 NFL season is coming with the NFL Kickoff Game just around the corner. However, fans and players will feel different this season with the COVID-19 pandemic pushing the NFL to adapt to new procedures, which may benefit the teams with the best change capacity. 

With over a month before the start of the NFL season, teams have decided their roles in 2020. The coaching staff is set, and the draft is in the rearview. While there’s still time for a substantial one or two, teams concentrate mainly on whittling rosters down to regular-season 53. 


Of course, the question for fans is how each one will do once the season begins. Are you excited to know the most popular predictions today? Check it out here! 

Check Out the NFL Predictions of 2020
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For media and fans alike, this is the time of the year to unveil their entire regular-season, playoffs, and individual predictions; predictions that are usually treated with humor back in the summer.

In a particular season like the one that’s about to occur during a pandemic, with an additional playoff spot open at both conferences, it’s even harder to sense what could happen next over the next playoffs. 


But predictions have become a tradition, so we’ve listed the most interesting ones for this season! 

Green Bay Packers Skip the Playoffs

A team that can’t make it to the NFC Championship Game at quarterback with a potential Hall of Famer, devoted their 2020 draft class to planning for the future. 

Green Bay’s Super Bowl is still on, mainly if it adds impact talent on linebacker and receiver. Instead, the Packers traded for a third-string quarterback to invest a first-round selection and used their second-round choice on a running back No. 3.


A team that has struggled to change this offseason is coming off a 13-3 record, including a one-score mark of 8-1. Regression is inevitable, especially with the apparent decline of Aaron Rodgers, and this defense is unlikely to remain healthy over a full season

The Detroit Lions have backed Matthew Stafford, and Green Bay’s 2020 schedule will be much more challenging than they faced in 2019. The Packers could miss the playoffs this year with the progress their rivals made.

Adam Gase Leaves the New York Jets before Thanksgiving

The Jets’ 2020 timetable, sadly for Gase, starts rough. They open the season opposing the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco Giants, Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos. All four of those maybe this year’s playoff teams

New York then faces the Arizona Cardinals for a second time, Los Angeles Chargers and the Bills. New York could probably win only two of those games, and it’s not out of the question to lose all seven. If Gase’s squad is 0-7, he may not be able to make it until November. 

Even if he survives that, it might sink him by a 3-7 record into the bye week. We are betting that Gase would be the first fired head coach this season.

Russell Wilson Will Not Miss the Playoffs at Seattle 

Dallas’s offense and defense ability will not allow Dak Prescott to hold them out of the playoffs again. Tom Brady isn’t missing the playoffs with Tampa Bay’s supporting cast surrounding him.

Los Angeles Chargers Play in AFC Game

This year the Chargers can make final playoffs, more likely this time with the expanded playoff field. 

A team with the talent to contain the Baltimore Ravens could pull off the wild card upset without making their costly turnovers. A match against the Buffalo Bills or Indianapolis Colts might be the only thing that stands in their way on the road to the AFC Championship Game after that.

Check Out the NFL Predictions of 2020
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Using factors such as roster talent, past performance, offseason player movement, divisional competitiveness, and coaching experience, one can take a steal to predict each team’s 2020 record. There is less second-guessing for the predicters.