Check Out the Key Players for the Dodgers

If you are a professional baseball team fan, then the Los Angeles based Dodgers team must be familiar. They have won World Series titles seven times and 24 National League Pennants.

This team was born in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, and was initially named the Atlantics. When the Dodgers joined the  American League in 1884, they became a force to reckon with.  


They began by winning the league pennant in 1889, a feat that developed natural contention with Manhattan’s New York Giants. This earned them the nickname ‘’Dem Bums”.  

Check Out the Key Players for the Dodgers
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Their fans were always saying ‘’Wait until next year’’ because their win streak had become the norm. This was possible because of their talented and key players.

Up next we’re going to take a closer look at the Dodgers’ key players. 


Clayton  Kershaw

Born on March 19th, 1988 Clayton Kershaw is a professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Since the inception of his baseball career in 2008, he has played 13 seasons in the major leagues.  

Major Wins

He has won the All-Star award eight times and the National League Young award winner three times. Kershaw was awarded the most valuable National League player in 2014. 

For most of his baseball career, he has been dubbed as the best baseball pitcher and qualifies to be on this list. Kershaw is essential for the Dodgers as to date thee is not another pitcher that has been better than him.  


Plus, he is famous for always throwing strikes yet never giving in.  He has a number of other awards like the Gold Glove Award that he won in 2011, Triple Crown in the same year, and Roberto Clemente Award in 2012. 

He pitched a no-hitter in 2014 and is the current World Series Champion (2020).

Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts is one of the best professional baseball players around.  He plays Right Fielder (RF) for Los Angeles’ Dodgers. He has been likened to Mike Trout, given their all-around greatness at the pitch.  

Betts is famous for the way he floats, glides, flies and bounces when with the ball. Born in October 1992, Betts played for Boston Red Sox before joining the Dodgers.

Major Wins

In 2018 while still playing for the Boston Red Sox, Mookie Betts became the first baseball player to win the Gold Glove for Most Valuable Player, Silver Slugger, and World Series, among many other awards in the same season. 

After making his MLB Debut in 2014, Betts alternated playing between the outfield and second base. In 2014, he played center fielder and moved to the right fielder position in 2016, a position he has kept until today.

Some of his awards include a 5 times Gold Glove award from 2016-2020, a 4 times Slugger Silver Award, and the AL MVP Award in 2018. He is also a 2-time World Series Champion (2018 and 2020), 4 times All-Star Award, and an All-MLB Second Team in 2019.

Walker Buehler

Much as it has been said that Walker Buehler’s control of the ball went down this year, he is still an incredible teammate for Clayton Kershaw.  

His strike rate dropped but the way he played against the Braves recently was a come-back for him for the season. Because of this, the Dodgers have a lot of trust in him for the season. He plays the starting pitcher position or (SP) as no.21.

Walker Buehler first played for Vanderbilt Commodores and was part of their College World Series Championship team.  From there, Buehler joined The Dodgers in 2017 and made his MLB Debut.  

Major Wins

In 2019, Buehler won the All-Star Award and helped the Dodgers win the 2020 World Series. Born in July 1994, the 26-year-old has scooped a number of awards.

Those include the All-Star Award of 2019, Baseball America All-Rookie team of 2018, pitched in a combined no-hitter in May 2018, and the current World Series Champion of 2020.

Check Out the Key Players for the Dodgers
Image Source: OC Register 

Final Thoughts

The Los Angeles Dodgers have already released their key players of the season. Most of these players have set previous records even though they might not be on fans’ radar list all the time.

But that’s baseball for you, you never know who is going to pop off next. You just have to watch to see who shocks the fans either positively or negatively.