Maradona Inheritance Can Be Disputed By Up to 11 Children

Football is a big deal in Argentina, no wonder why Diego Maradona easily became a hotshot in the industry. His graceful pitch, complex tactics, and chemistry with the rest of the team stand out and lead to victory.  With Maradona’s recent passing on Nov. 25, a lot of questions loom over the inheritance for his … Read more

Discover the History of the Tour de France Bike Race

In order to sell some newspapers, the Tour de France began as nothing more than a marketing ploy. At its heart, the Tour stays just that, a platform that the willing sponsors of the teams and the race use to promote and sell tires, shoes, bikes, phones, and lots of other things. The fusion of … Read more

The History of the Golf Term “Fore”

Golf, just like any sport has got various terms it uses. They include birdie, par, eagle, double eagle, bogey, double and triple bogey and fore among others. If you are a golf player or an aspiring one, it is important you understand what these terms mean to avoid confusion. Fore, which originally was a Scots … Read more

The Top 5 Horse Racing Jockeys Today

Most people associate horse racing with gambling, but there is much more to the game. Have you ever thought about the people behind the horses? They are called Jockeys, and this is a very big sport, that is worth millions of dollars. Now, it is not always about the ability and the power of the … Read more

The Requirements to Participate in Heavyweight Boxing

Do you find it odd, fascinating, and funny that you fight with someone in the streets to gain scars, bruises, and wounds while others only win a fight and obtain a champion belt along with hundreds of thousands of dollars? Life is unfair, you may say, but why don’t you bring that inside the ring?  … Read more

Learn All About the Special Olympics Here

Sporting events and competitions have always held a special place in people’s hearts. One of the most heart-warming, inspiring, and downright motivational sectors within sports and the Olympic world is no doubt the establishment of the Special Olympics. The coming of this platform not only paved the way for children and adults with intellectual disabilities … Read more

Discover Endurance Athlete Rob Krar

Running for miles gives just about anyone the chance not only to see the world with new eyes but to also get some much-needed exercise for the body. After all, running long distances is one of the healthiest – and most accessible – ways to condition the body.  Rob Krar is no stranger to running … Read more

Professional Athletes Who Were Not What They Seemed

Professional athletes are always idolized by thousands, if not millions, of fans not only in their respective countries but in the global sports community, as well. With their physical and mental prowess, they tend to be ideal models for the youth and aspiring athletes.  However, what you see on the television and live games is … Read more

The Downside of Being a Student Athlete

Being a student athlete provides a number of perks, including free education, housing, and allowances. However, despite these advantages, there are also cons that affect their quality of education as well as their physical and mental health.  Student athletes are always occupied with a number of activities daily, including practice, exercises, and studying. At the end … Read more

Why So Many Professional Athletes Go Broke

Multimillion-dollar deals, signing bonuses, and endorsements, are just some of the financial benefits for many professional athletes. Unfortunately, many players go broke within years of retiring or while they are still playing. With numerous deals and massive earnings throughout a player’s career, this leaves us wondering why and how professional athletes end up broke. Take … Read more