The Best App for Those Who Love Running – Check it Out

Imagine having to run for your life from a fierce monster (kind of like being in a temple run game). You have to keep running or else it is the end for you. If you’re a runner that fierce monster is that commitment to keeping fit by running.  That drive cuts through all procrastination and … Read more

Discover the Best Yoga for Runners

Most avid runners do not have yoga at the top of their exercise list and notoriously, they find yoga a little hard for them as they generally tend to have tight muscles that make the deep stretches difficult and a little painful to do. Exercisers who love to pound the pavement understand that a lean … Read more

Check Out the 5 Fastest Female Track Sprinters

Anyone can run, but not everyone can run as fast as Olympic champion sprinters. The female category is as famous as the male counterpart, with record-breaking titles for the 100-meter sprint dash. Several contenders from across the world have marked their names on this phenomenal sport.  In track and field, sprint requires skill, agility, and … Read more

Top 10 Gifts For Runners

Giving gifts to loved ones can be mind whacking, especially if you don’t have any idea what they would love. Be it for a birthday, graduation, or present for the upcoming holidays, you must find the right item that shows you care. For runners, anything related to fitness might seem a good idea, but you … Read more