8 Running Movies That Are Worth Watching

Running a marathon, or just simply jogging, can be a pretty challenging activity for most people. However, for avid runners, the longer the distance, the better as it means a chance to push yourself.   With countless inspiring running movies available on the market right now, giving yourself the opportunity to watch and get to … Read more

The Most Amazing Grand National Horses Ever

Are you a fan of horse racing? Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport that involves two or more horses usually ridden by jockeys and sometimes driven without riders. This is one of the ancient games and this explains why it’s famous for people aged 40 and above.  Horse racing has a number of variations. … Read more

Every Pro Athlete Has an Agent: Here’s Why

The sports industry is a cutthroat world, especially when aspiring pro athletes are trying to make it big. The reason behind the successes of numerous pro athletes is a reliable and excellent agent.  Besides the natural raw talent of these athletes, a sports agent is essential in day-to-day dealings and contract negotiations.  To find out … Read more

There are All Types of Martial Arts: Discover the Most Popular

Taking up martial arts has become more popular over recent years. With all types of martial arts in existence, it can be difficult to choose just one to start with. Part of the appeal of these different types of martial arts is the discipline that it imparts on individuals and participants alike. Apart from becoming more … Read more

Tips for Climbing Mt. St. Helens

Mount St. Helens has become a favorite to both beginners and experienced mountaineers. Though this mountain is open for climbers all year round, the seasons of late spring to early fall are more popular compared to other seasons. If you are an experienced climber and in perfect physical condition and feel you can handle the … Read more

Find Out What the Most Popular Sport in the World is

Various sports are played and followed throughout the world. Whether these are played professionally, as part of exercise or fitness regimens, or simply as hobbies or recreational pastimes, these physical events have no doubt developed a strong following across the globe.  While there are numerous sports in the world, it cannot be denied that there’s … Read more

The Best Recorded Gymnastics Floor Routines Of The 21st Century

Nothing gives you quite the surprise and thrill as watching gymnastics does. With the athletes’ powerful performances, stunning agility and flexibility, and elegant poses, there are a ton of reasons why this sport is one of the most entertaining to watch. Given its long history that stretches back to the ancient Greeks, gymnastics has many … Read more

The Most Luxurious Private Golf Clubs In America

Most Luxurious Private Golf Clubs

For decades, sports golf has been associated with the elite and powerful. It is not only a hobby but also a social activity of the rich. Some of the prominent names in different industries are members of the most exclusive golf clubs that are by invite only. Aside from the membership, there are also other … Read more

The Best Male Figure Skaters To Come Out Of The Olympics

Nothing is like seeing figure skaters glide over the ice and execute their dramatic stunts. With their enthralling jumps, spins, and footwork, it’s safe to say that figure skating is one of the most spellbinding sports to watch. Over the years, numerous names of notable male figure skaters have made it into the public’s minds. … Read more

Historic Sports: A Brief Look At The Roman Colosseum

Look at the Roman Colosseum

Most of us are aware of the old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And rightly so, because the Roman Colosseum alone was built in 80 CE and certainly not in one day. The amphitheater was started under the ruling of Titus’ father, Vespasian, and was finished a decade later in magnificent fashion – seating … Read more