Check Out the NFL Predictions of 2020

The 2020 NFL season is coming with the NFL Kickoff Game just around the corner. However, fans and players will feel different this season with the COVID-19 pandemic pushing the NFL to adapt to new procedures, which may benefit the teams with the best change capacity.  With over a month before the start of the … Read more

Sao Paulo Game on a Cell Phone – Learn How to Watch

If you have a smartphone, your options are truly limitless. In fact, football fans are now able to watch live matches with just one click. Due to the pandemic, we were all left at the mercy of the internet, social media, and video calling applications. It’s at this time that many new applications were developed. … Read more

Free Football Games – See How To Download

football games

Football is undoubtedly one of the most-watched sports around the world. With its intense matches and even more skilled players, it’s difficult not to get hooked and in awe of everything that’s happening on the field. Thankfully, there are numerous free football games that can help tide these intense feelings over. With these, you can … Read more

How To Play Football On Your Cell Phone – Check It Out!

football on your cell phone

Football, also known as soccer, is one of the most beloved sports in the world. Depending on who you ask, fans across the globe will name the World Cup as their favorite major sporting event. Some fans even play football and are athletes themselves. Meanwhile, many of these supporters follow the sport out of love … Read more

World Cup 2022 Qatar: Players and Teams to Look Out For

The World Cup 2022 will be one of the biggest events in the Arab World, and there will be a lot of “firsts” for fans and players. In particular, this is the first time in World Cup history that the tournament will be held in Qatar and the first time that it will happen in … Read more

The Best NFL Players of 2019 and Their Stats

The National Football League remains a huge part of life and culture within the United States. As a matter of fact, the Super Bowl continues to be one of the most popular and highly watched events every year. TV Networks and big names in the industry pounce on every opportunity they get to feature the … Read more

UEFA Champions League Winners For The Past 20 Years

The UEFA Champions League is known to be one of the most prestigious tournaments in all sports. It is also no secret that many famous football players have played in it. A long list of football teams, from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich, have made a big impression on the public.  In football, this cup … Read more

Top 5 Best Football Players In The World And Where They’re From

In the world of sports, football is distinguished by a combination of specific movements, defense, and skills that thrill fans all over the world. It is one of the most popular sporting events, besides basketball. Football is all about a combination of chaos and triumph in the field. Football fans agree that regardless of the … Read more

How to Watch Football on Mobile: A Beginners’ Guide

Football has become so popular that even nations without international or club tournaments have thousands of followers.  Annually, there are highly anticipated international and club tournaments. Every event has high-stakes bouts. Everyone wants big-screen TVs for football. However, fans who are always on the go can miss football matches. Fortunately, mobile apps can now help … Read more

How the Super Bowl Works for Newbies

Several sports have annual events. The UEFA champions league, The Open, The Grand National, and Wimbledon are prime examples of it. Add Super Bowl to that list of yearly events, as well. Few tournaments come close to the NFL’s Super Bowl when it comes to matching intensity and passion. Players put their bodies on the … Read more