Check Out the Key Players for the Dodgers

If you are a professional baseball team fan, then the Los Angeles based Dodgers team must be familiar. They have won World Series titles seven times and 24 National League Pennants. This team was born in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, and was initially named the Atlantics. When the Dodgers joined the  American League in … Read more

Discover the Best Korean Baseball Players

Baseball is undeniably huge in South Korea, featuring successful players in the Korean Baseball Organization League. Millions of people are cheering for the best teams competing for the title. The action-packed sport garnered following since 1921 when Major League players competed with the Japanese as part of their Asian tour. Since then, people are looking … Read more

Learn Why the Axe Handle Bat is Different Than Other Bats

As one of the United States’ four favorite sports, baseball is definitely one of the most popular games among Americans. While the game itself may seem less intense and simpler compared to basketball, hockey, and American football, baseball is one of the most refined sports around. In fact, hitting a ball is considered one of … Read more

Tokyo 2020: The Return of Olympic Baseball

The Tokyo 2020 or Summer Olympics was initially scheduled to begin on July 24, 2020 and run until Aug. 9, 2020, but the pandemic totally scrapped the whole thing. This event was supposed to be special, as the Olympic baseball will return after a 12-year hiatus.  The event that was set to commence in Japan … Read more

2020 Big Contenders In The MLB

2020 Big Contenders in the MLB

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most-awaited baseball events in history. This event gathers the best teams in the United States and Canada. This year, there are more teams that show great potential and are considered strong contenders. Several teams created big moves this offseason, which can make or break their defense as … Read more