These Are The Best Sports For Cardio

Cardiovascular activities are good for the body because they raise heart and breathing rates to increase endurance. In addition, these activities also promote fat and calorie burning, helping the body to lose weight. More importantly, cardio exercises reduce the risk of heart ailments brought by high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

If you want to make cardio exercises more fun, engaging in sports is the best thing to do. Cardio involves running, walking, and jumping, therefore a number of sports can be considered cardio exercise. Aside from the usual aerobics activities in the gym, you can also try sports like basketball, volleyball, and more.


Get your body moving and achieve your goals by engaging in the best sports for cardio. These sports are proven to burn calories and build muscle mass in a short period of time. Here’s a list of the cardio sports to incorporate in your fitness routine.

Best Sports for Cardio


One sport that requires constant motion is soccer. Players are required to move and travel down the field quickly; hence, this is a good activity for cardiovascular health. Sprinting and jumping improves stamina and a person’s aerobic capacity. Moreover, coordination is improved, plus players learn to push their limits.


If you are determined to lose weight, soccer is a good sport to engage in. Just make sure to do warm-up exercises to prep your muscles and joints for the intense activity.


Racket sports like tennis require rigorous training because of the sprints, pivots, and energy needed for the quick exchanges. Some people think tennis only involves small movements. However, strong legs, arms, and a strong core are necessary to play this sport.

According to experts, playing tennis for an hour can help you burn about 600 calories. That is more than three times the amount of calories burned jogging or walking. Quick exchanges and powerful defense make you sweat heavily, improving lung capacity. Moreover, your leg and arm muscles can improve from the pressure of striking the tennis ball.



Swimming is also considered as an aerobic exercise but also a low-impact activity. It builds strength because it requires more physical effort compared to running. Remember, water resistance is stronger than wind resistance, hence, swimming can burn more fat.

According to experts, you can lose almost 90% of your weight by swimming. It is easy on the joints yet improves your cardiovascular muscles. The best part of this activity is the absence of sweat, as you stay cool in the water.


The best cardio and endurance sport is basketball, where you develop stronger stamina, coordination, and muscles. The sprint, jump, and core movements allow you to build bone strength and at the same time, sweat more to release body toxins.

Playing this sport is the easiest way to burn fat and calories because of the nonstop movement. While the sport requires intense body movements, you can also rest for a few minutes and take a water break. In fact, you can burn 300 calories by simply shooting hoops for about an hour. Playing a full-court game will burn approximately 747 calories per hour.


All forms of volleyball, including beach volleyball, require a ton of power from the body, especially your core. This sport also requires nonstop movement from players as you hit, pass, and move around the court quickly. The explosive power of defending your team requires you to be alert and to hit the ball to the other side precisely.

The big jumps to the net and the rock-hard service of the ball aren’t easy. Aside from body coordination, incredible strength is needed to make a score. Beach volleyball makes you sweat more because of the difficulty of maneuvering on the sand.

These Are The Best Sports for Cardio


Engaging in sports not only improves your social skills and sportsmanship but also helps strengthen your body. The training involved in these sports will help keep your heart healthy. As you sweat more and repeat certain movements, you can develop muscles and get rid of body toxins.

Participate in the sports mentioned to start losing weight and increase your endurance. By being physically active, you can help your body become stronger and fight off diseases related to high blood pressure.