The Best NHL Players of 2019 and Their Stats

When it comes to sports, performance is a measure of an athlete’s strengths, values, and skills. After all, sheer talent is valuable but is not enough when it comes to a professional arena such as the National Hockey League (NHL).

After all, performance reflects how much work, discipline and sacrifices players have given in order to reach their current status. There may are different circumstances that can affect an athlete’s performance. Still, this is an excellent way to tell how good the player is.


Now, players are usually ranked based on their performance, which is reflected by their statistics. Curious as to who are the best NHL players this year based on their statistics? Check out the list below.

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Alex Ovechkin

First in our list is Alex Ovechkin, the current left-winger of the Washington Capitals. This notable player is known for scoring 51 goals last season, making it the eighth one in which he made a minimum of 50 goals.

In this season, he currently has 15 goals under his belt and counting, with 7 of these being power-play goals. Playing 25 games, he has scored 25 points with 10 assists. He also has 12 penalty minutes in the span of the 25 games he has played.

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Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawk’s right winger Patrick Kane is known for scoring a whopping 151 goals in a span of four seasons. While he is only under Ovechkin (183), he is seen as a threat to other teams as he is one of the top-scoring players in the league.

His current stats include 11 goals and 19 assists in the 23 games he played this season. This amounts to 30 points, with a plus/minus 2 compared to Ovechkin’s -6. Of the 11 goals he scored, 2  are power plays bringing him up to 7 power-play points.

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Nathan MacKinnon

Next is Nathan MacKinnon, who plays as the center for Colorado Avalanche. This 24-year-old player is one of the youngest in the league. In fact, he is the youngest in Avalanche’s history to pull a hat trick in which he scored three scores in a row in one game.


In this current season, he has played 23 games, with 14 goals and 19 assists. He has totaled 33 points with 12 made through 6 power-play goals. As of this article, he has had 2 penalty minutes.

Image from The Hockey News

Sidney Crosby

Another center player, Sidney Crosby has also become one of the best in the NHL with his scoring ability. He has scored a minimum of 84 points in the last six seasons he played in, with the last season being a notable one (100 points).

Playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, he has been in 17 games and has shot 46 times, 3 of them turning out as goals, with 12 assists. He has scored 17 points, 3 of them were made through one power-play goal.

Image from USA Today

Nikita Kucherov

A right-winger for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Nikita Kucherov is another one of the youngest players in the NHL. He has scored more than 30 goals in the last three seasons. He has also won the Hart Trophy as NHL MVP.

For this season, he has played 19 games, scoring 7 goals out of 42 shots. He made 13 assists and 20 points, 8 of which are through 2 power-play goals. With such remarkable figures in his entire career since 2013, Kucherov is considered the second top player in the NHL.

Image from The Philadelphia Inquirer

Connor McDavid

Topping our list is Edmonton Oilers’ center, Connor McDavid. He is known for winning several trophies throughout his career including the Hart Trophy as NHL MVP for the 2016 to 2017 season. He also won the Ted Lindsay Away as the most outstanding player twice.

The youngest in this list at 22 years old, McDavid has played 26 games this season. He has also scored 18 goals, scoring 47 points, 21 of which are through power-play goals. He has also made 29 assists and has 14 penalty minutes.

So, there you have it. Now that you know who are the best players currently playing hockey this year, you might want to bet on their team.