How to See the NFL Football Scores – Best NFL Scoreboards Online

With the NFL regular season now halfway through the 2019/2020 edition, it’s starting to shape up. The contenders are being sorted from the pretenders, with two teams still undefeated after 8 weeks. It’s all shaping up for an exciting postseason in January.

But, however much you love the gridiron, sometimes you can’t watch the game (or games). Maybe you live abroad, maybe you’re working, or maybe you don’t have a good enough connection to stream. Whichever it is, you need an online scoreboard to keep track of those super Sundays.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the best NFL online scoreboards so you can stay up to date every time.

Number 1 – NFL Mobile

The obvious solution! The NFL Mobile App is the go-to resource for NFL scores, news, and highlights. It boasts a mix of content types and provides live score updates alongside its unique ‘Drive Chart’, showing you how the game is going on the field via a series of graphics and images. 

If it has a fault, it is that it can sometimes be slow to load or update and can often provide bizarrely inaccurate information temporarily relating to recent plays. It will also use a lot of battery on your device.


Number 2 – Google

Whilst it might seem like an overly-simplistic answer to the question, Google can actually be your best friend if what you need is a quick score update. Googling any combination of “your favorite team’s name + score + today” should normally give you a quick box score update that is almost always accurate to the second.

It won’t give you definitive information, and it’s awkward to see multiple scores at once, but it’s reliable and easy, and you don’t need to download a new app.

Number 3 – ESPN

If you like to get your scores with a side of high-level analysis, then ESPN is the place for you. Their powerful app gives you access not just to scores and results, but also all of their football-based coverage, with podcasts and snippets of shows to go alongside the game recaps.


Number 4 – Feedly

A really clever little app, Feedly uses an RSS feed to aggregate live score feeds and updates from across a variety of different platforms, websites, and news outlets, meaning you only need to download one app to get all the news. It doesn’t have all the functionality of NFL Mobile or ESPN, but if you want one app to cover lots of NFL news, this might be it.

We’re well into the NFL season now, and everyone is already turning their eyes to who might be hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the end of the Superbowl early next year. Stay tuned in to everything that’s happening, right on your smartphone.