The Best NFL Players of 2019 and Their Stats

The National Football League remains a huge part of life and culture within the United States. As a matter of fact, the Super Bowl continues to be one of the most popular and highly watched events every year. TV Networks and big names in the industry pounce on every opportunity they get to feature the top players in the NFL.

While family traditions and the love of sports definitely factor in the people’s fascination for this game, there are also other factors to consider. With football being a highly competitive sport, it comes as no surprise that players in the field can get quite physical with each other. Because of its demand, football tends to bring out the best in these teams – with individuals shining more brightly than ever before.


Though you may play favorites, there’s no denying that certain players shine brighter than the rest. Keen to know who made it on the list? Here are the best NFL players of 2019 and their stats in no particular order.

Image from Yahoo Sports

Julio Jones

A wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones is considered one of the greats not just for his 2019 performance alone. As a sign of his continued excellence in the field, he has been averaging 96.7 yards per game.

For this year alone, this receiver led his team to victory and through new heights with his 882 receiving yards. He has a total of 4 touchdowns (TDS), 59 receptions (REC), and an average yards per game (AVG) of 14.9.

Image from ABC 7 News

Khalil Mack

According to the Bleacher Report, Khalil Mack is “the living embodiment of destruction.” And they’re not wrong. As an outline linebacker for the Chicago Bears, Mack already secured a Defensive Player of the Year award under his belt.

Truly an explosive player, Khalil’s tackles for 2019 are at 34 and forward fumbles at 4. Because of his valuable contributions to the team, Forbes says The Bears signed Mack on for a $141 million deal.

Image from Sports Illustrated

Tom Brady

Husband of supermodel Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady shows that he is not just a man with good looks. A quarterback for the New England Patriots, Brady stays on top of his game with 14 touchdowns, 5 interceptions thrown (INT), 2,752 passing yards (YDS), and a whopping 90.1 for his average quarterback rating (RTG).


With a sixth Super Bowl win under his belt, Brady remains one of the elites for 2019 – and of all-time – without question. In the postseason, Brady is reportedly 30-10 says the NFL.

Image from Sky Sports

Patrick Mahomes

Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes knows what it’s like to start late in the game at age 23. Despite blooming late, Mahomes managed to snag the MVP title in 2018 and he appears to have secured the title for 2019, too.

Mahomes currently has an impressive 19 touchdowns for the year and an average quarterback rating of 110. If you think that’s impressive, you have to know that he has 2,808 passing yards and the season is still far from over.

Image from Inside the Pylon

Aaron Donald

Each and every one of the news outlets – and even the NFL itself – touted Aaron Donald as the number one player for 2019. Though this ranking is not definitive, we feel that he deserves the top spot as well because of his unbelievable power on the field.

Currently a defensive tackle (DT) for the Los Angeles Rams, this guy is not the two-time reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year without reason. In 2019 alone, Donald has had 35 tackles (TCKL), 2 forced fumbles (FF), and 8 sacks (SCK). His defensive tackles are definitely not something to be missed. While no player in history kept the Defensive Player of the Year title three years in a row, it looks like Donald is gunning for his momentous win yet again.

The Bottom Line

The best football players of 2019 certainly are impressive with their unbelievable stats and their record-highs. With these scores, they’re guaranteed to keep you on your toes. You can even imagine just how much their teams are lucky to have them.

Are you ready to make your bets on these all-star greats? Who do you think should make it on to this list?