The Best Recorded Gymnastics Floor Routines Of The 21st Century

Nothing gives you quite the surprise and thrill as watching gymnastics does. With the athletes’ powerful performances, stunning agility and flexibility, and elegant poses, there are a ton of reasons why this sport is one of the most entertaining to watch.

Given its long history that stretches back to the ancient Greeks, gymnastics has many notable floor performances. From a series of spectacular tumbling to remarkable athletic feats, there have been a ton of routines that left us all in awe and disbelief.


Below, we have rounded up the best gymnastics floor routines that have been performed by the most iconic athletes of the 21st century. Excited to know each on? Check them out!

  • Katelyn Ohashi (2019)

What better way to start our list other than Katelyn Ohashi’s recent performance last February? Stealing the show with her vibrant performance in front of a cheering 7,228 crowd, Ohashi managed to score a perfect 10 routine.


In fact, reviews on her performance even described her routine to be beyond 10. With her gravity-defying flips and stirring dance moves, it is no surprise that clips of her performance instantly became viral, with more than 100 million views in less than a week.

To date, the 21-year-old former elite-level gymnast is on her way to achieving greater feats and embracing her love for gymnastics after taking a short break from the sport over “physical and mental damage.”

  • Simone Biles (2016)

Who could ever forget Simone Biles’ phenomenal floor routine in 2016? Leading the American team towards a championship in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the then 19-year-old made countless headlines with her balletic style that blends the artistic with the athletic.


Although the competition had been largely dramatic, with Biles’ team demonstrating a few difficulties on a fraction of the competition, the talented athlete soon managed to turn the tables and secure victory with her jaw-dropping floor and beam routines.

The event gave Biles her second gold medal and cemented her name as one of the most notable gymnasts of her time.

  • Aly Raisman (2016)

Although finishing silver next to Simone Biles, it cannot be denied that Aly Raisman’s 2016 floor routine during the Olympics remains to be one of the most unforgettable performances in the world of modern-day gymnastics.

Completing a floor routine that many deemed to be “almost impossible,” the then 22-year-old demonstrated a smooth, nearly flawless performance that left many at the edge of their seats.

At the end of the competition, Raisman proved she is one of the most talented gymnasts of the contemporary time with an impressive score of 15.433.

  • Carlos Yulo (2019)

Recognized to be the first Filipino gymnast to have bagged a gold medal, Carlos Yulo made history with his artistic floor routine during the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

In a phenomenal performance described to be “dynamic” and “exquisite,” the 19-year-old star gymnast managed to hit 15.300 points.

The event signaled Yulo’s first gold medal after winning a spot in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship held in October 2018 in Germany.

The Bottom Line

From grace to athleticism to artistry to confidence, there are a lot of features that make gymnasts unfathomably stunning.

As the sport opens its field to younger candidates with fresh potentials, many are sure to agree that the best-recorded gymnastics floor routines are sure to pile up faster than expected.

Which among these performances have you witnessed? Did your jaw drop while watching the clips? Experience the kind of awe and entertainment the world of gymnastics offers. Watch these modern gymnastics floor routines now!