These Apps are Essential for Surfers – Check Them Out

The pull of the water and a thriving community of surfers certainly make a case for the sport and now there are apps to help surfers stay on top of their game. Imagine the sparkling sun hitting your face as you ride big waves. Sounds enticing doesn’t it? 

With surfing touted as one of the most exciting and breathtaking watersports today, there’s no denying more and more people are getting into it. Thankfully, there are a number of surfing apps dedicated to this community and help them with whatever they need. 


From surf forecasting apps to reporting on real-time wave conditions during a surfing break, there’s certainly an app that caters to just about every type of surfer out there. Check these out and you might find one that helps you up your game. 


Available for download on iOS and Android devices for free, Windy, also known as Windyty, provides an intuitive and real-time update on wind and wave information that comes with animated maps for full graphics. 

Its accuracy comes from the leading weather forecasting models such as ECMWF, GFS, and many others. With its high-resolution satellite, you are assured that quality information will be at your fingertips.  Besides surfers, professionals such as engineers, and even fishermen, can use this app.



An app that is dedicated to surfers, Coasting is an app that boasts features like a surf forecaster and even finds breaks in areas near you. Users can also search for their favorite beaches and surfing spots, save it, and look at the forecast for these places any time. 

While the app is free for download on the App Store, Coasting has a premium version which unlocks special features such as sunrise and sunset timing, getting access to water temperature information, the changing of the tides, and many more. 

Dawn Patrol

One of the newer Apple applications on the market, Dawn Patrol allows users to turn their Apple watch into a fully functioning surf watch of sorts. From tracking waves, speeds, as well as the location you caught a wave, it seems that Dawn Patrol can do almost everything. 


What sets it apart from other surfing apps is that it tracks the waves you have surfed as well as the calories you have burned during an intense surfing session. Talk about a fitness and workout app in one, eh?

With a community of surfers out there, you’ll be glad to know that you can relive and share your surf session with other people – especially as you can look back on your waves and performances with its Surfline-compatible camera. 

Dawn Patrol also has a premium version where you can gain access to in-depth surf analytics as well as view actual tides on your devices even while you surf. 

Tide Graph

For surfers visiting the U.S. or who are lucky to be in the country, Tide Graph can be a great help in seeing, what else but, tide graphs. Downloadable on Google Playstore and the App Store, Tide Graph can only be accessed with an internet connection nearby. 

With more than 5,000 U.S. locations and beaches in the nation, it can provide surfers and water sports enthusiasts alike access to harmonic predictions from varying U.S. coastal stations. It also gives users access to sunrise, sunset, as well as the different moon phases

The Bottom Line

Riding massive waves and taking advantage of breaks are so much easier thanks to apps that can track weather and water conditions for you. Now you don’t have to wonder what it’s going to be like on the water out there, you can find out ahead of time to make your surf a great one.