This Application Teaches You How to Play Tennis on your Cell Phone

So, you’ve decided to give tennis a chance? Whether you want to improve your critical thinking or boost mental alertness, learning how to play this sport will benefit you significantly. Fortunately, with tons of tennis games now available for mobile devices, you can start your journey virtually.

From knowing the basic principle to engaging in realistic matches to uncovering useful strategies, there are a ton of things that can be achieved through such type of mobile applications. If you’re serious about wanting to learn how to play tennis, trying out some of these apps might help you start the process.


Here, we have prepared a list of the best apps that teach you how to play tennis on your cell phone. Read on to know more about each of their features, prices, and where they can be downloaded. Check them out below!

Learn How to Play Tennis with These Apps


First on our list is none other than the popular app, TennisPAL, which serves as the ultimate platform for tennis enthusiasts. Specifically, using the app, you are free to book games, play with other members based on skill level, age, and proximity, chat with other users, and teach/learn how to play tennis – either in-person or virtually! 

You can even find players and coaches near your area by simply indicating a specific radius. In addition, this app will help you locate the nearest tennis courts in your area. To learn more about the sport, you can use the apps “Teaching Court” feature, which lets you take lessons from select coaches. Further, you can enhance your skills via the platform’s “ProTips” videos


To date, the TennisPAL app is available on both iOS and Android for free!

How to Play Tennis

As the name, How to Play Tennis, suggests, this software is specifically designed to help individuals learn how to play tennis. From teaching the rules that surround the sport to providing the tools and best techniques to win a game, this mobile app will provide you the services you can expect from a typical tennis coach and trainer – only, this time, via a digital platform.

Among the subjects covered by this app include topics on Singles, Doubles, Disability, Mini, Fast 4, and other tennis-related principles. The How to Play Tennis app is specifically geared towards beginners so you can expect that you won’t be bombarded with sudden alien terms that you are not familiar with. 


To date, How to Play Tennis app can be downloaded on Google Play for free.

iKnow Tennis

Next on our list is the renowned iKnow Tennis app. Often regarded to be the perfect learning tool for tennis players, the app is rich in a variety of features that are geared to help anyone understand and appreciate tennis even more.

Specifically, using the app, users can easily access topics concerning tennis rules, tennis etiquettes, facts for team captains, and more. To make the learning even more fun and effective, the discussions come in an easy quiz format and present detailed answers for users’ convenience.

To date, the iKnow Tennis app is available in the Google Play and Apple Store for $0.99

Tennis Training

Last but not least is the Tennis Training app, which is geared towards professional and amateur tennis players. Essentially, the platform works as a tennis training program, which comes complete with all the basic and advanced exercises to practice the sport.

Among the exercises you can access from the app include repetitive tennis serves exercises, shots training exercises, strength exercises, and more. The platform also offers videos of the best moments in popular tennis matches to serve as your immediate reference.

Tennis Training is currently available on Google Play for free.            

The Bottom Line

Ready to start your journey and learn the ins and outs of tennis? Luckily, with the presence of these apps, you can now easily discover the rules that concern the sport, practice related movements and techniques, and master different strategies – whenever you want, wherever you are.

Which among these mobile platforms do you prefer to use? Feel free to check out any of these apps today!