Best Application To Practice Martial Arts Without Leaving Home

If you are a fan of martial arts, chances are you’re looking to stay sharp while you’re at home. Whether you’re intending to jumpstart your fitness journey, looking for other ways to keep fit, or simply intending to train, there are mobile apps to help you.

Mobile apps are a great way to train at home. Apart from being a more convenient way to start learning and practicing martial arts, it’s also a viable means to learning more about this sport and art form, as well as taking skill levels to new heights.


If you are a martial arts enthusiast, we’re here to give you the down-low on the best application to practice martial arts without leaving home. Take a look below to find out more.

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Why You Should Practice Martial Arts At Home

There are a variety of martial arts – karate, tai chi, boxing, taekwondo, judo, and even mixed martial arts. Thanks to technology, those interested in learning more about these different types of martial arts can do so in the comfort of their own home.


Besides keeping up with exercise and activity levels, practicing martial arts at home provides individuals with the chance to protect themselves and even boost their mental and physical strength. It also moves individuals to gain more confidence in themselves.

What You Need

Since you’ll be doing martial arts at home, you’ll most likely need a stable internet connection to download the best application. Apart from this, you also need ample space to move around. This way, you won’t endanger yourself or the things around you.

More than the instruments you’ll be using, you also need to do prior research before jumpstarting a particular routine. After all, there are many martial art classes available. Depending on the martial arts class you chose, specific equipment might be required.


While a mouthpiece and a groin protector are normally used across most types of classes, there are other classes that call for other tools. For example, Muay Thai requirers students and practitioners to have boxing gloves and shin pads on hand.

The Best Application To Practice Martial Arts At Home

Now that you understand the basics of martial arts, it’s high time that we say the best app for practicing this art: YouTube.

Before you say your reactions, we have to say that this video streaming and viewing platform reigns supreme as it gives way to a variety of classes and masters to learn from.

One of the best YouTube channels to tune in to, especially for beginners, is World Wide Karate Guide.

Geared towards those who want to learn Karate techniques, this particular channel has Sensei James at the helm to teach step-by-step basics. Thes lessons even progress into advanced techniques.

Another channel that’s worth looking into is that of Ando Mierzwa’s. He is a sensei who has earned a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fung San Soo.

Apart from giving an array of martial arts tips and lessons, Mierzwa is known to provide martial arts-based workouts and fitness training as well.

Martial Arts App Download Close Contenders

If you’re looking for a particular app that can cater to your practice, we’ve also rounded on some great choices for you to check out. Below are some of the top contenders.

Various types of training and workouts are available for different classes, such as karate, MMA, full-contact sports, judo, krav maga, and many more. Aside from the wide array of classes, it also features cool reads on popular icons who practiced martial arts.

Available for download on both Android and Apple-powered devices, Fighting Trainer boasts of an easy way to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). As a how-to app, it allows users to see how each of the 90+ techniques used by UFC professionals should be executed.

With techniques available for viewing in 3D, this can provide users with the chance to see perfect details and proper execution.

practice martial arts

The Bottom Line

Mobile applications can help you get closer to the action and training you have been looking for. With these options, you can now practice martial arts without leaving home.