A Look Into the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games

The Olympic Village always has a strong air of mystery surrounding it because it’s off-limits to ordinary non-athletic individuals, making it the constant object of spectators’ curiosity every two years.   

Seriously, what results when you put many world-class athletes for three weeks in the same housing structure as they engage in the toughest periods of their careers?


However, it’s a lot less elegant, obviously, than you would expect. The athletes reside in something a lot more similar to a university dorm rather than lavish hotels with luxurious bathrobes. Read on for a look at the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games.

A Look Into the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games
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It’s Nothing Fancy

It’s like a massive uni campus, only that everybody is preparing for their life’s greatest event, so they’re extremely stressed. It’s easier to imagine the quarters of the athletes like a huge array of college dorm rooms or suites.  

It can look like a hospital room, with all the white walls. Also, as with most dorms, the rooms of the athletes are so spartan, for the beds pose a unique challenge to the taller athletes. Dorm regulations also apply in other areas. 


The athletes share quarters, reception areas, and toilets with people from various age brackets and cultures. They are classified by sport and take up room blocks or floors. Some Olympians are teenagers while others are already in their thirties. 

There are leisure and fitness centers, laundry facilities, lounges, cafeteria, medical and dental centers, and also a shuttle service.

A Look Into the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games
Image Source: The New York Times

Fitness Center

It is distributed across multiple rooms packed with equipment. One area was devoted to fitness, another was full of lifting equipment. 


Super jacked Olympians were tossing big weights around at any moment as if it was the lifting tournaments, and people were stretching and rolling and turning their bodies in every way. Every treadmill and spin cycle was in use.

Such frenzied strength is bound to come up when, just before the biggest tournament of their lives, a ton of highly engaged athletes are all asked to work out in one place.

A Look Into the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games
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The cafeteria is the ideal venue to be in the village. The food that is on display spans the globe. High-school thinking sets in when it is time to find a seat. The same people will sit at the same tables over time. During the Olympics, eating is something you do a lot.   

Top-tier athletes have been used to eating a lot to sustain fitness and training, but mix in all the extra energy you spend on interviews and stress in the media and you have an out of command appetite.


Waiting for your laundry to finish at each of the three residence centers was yet another great way to connect with other athletes. The first test was to find an available machine, and then it was a challenge to pick the correct cycle based on the language used in the instructions. 

To get yours started, you have to transfer someone else’s laundry into a basket, so who knows how many underwears of gold medalists you might have inadvertently touched.

A Look Into the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games
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At the Olympics, one thing you do a lot is ride on shuttles to the race venue, media center, meals. It’s a fantastic concept, but a tremendous amount of time is deemed necessary. 

The access to the shuttle makes it exceptionally convenient to get around visit other locations and events. You can do some essential trading of country pins while waiting in line for rides, which makes for cool souvenirs to take back home.

Bottom Line

Unlike any other and one that is inaccessible to anyone but a chosen few, what all this adds up to is an experience. You get to meet people from across the globe who you wouldn’t usually even get in touch with.