8 Running Movies That Are Worth Watching

Running a marathon, or just simply jogging, can be a pretty challenging activity for most people. However, for avid runners, the longer the distance, the better as it means a chance to push yourself.  

With countless inspiring running movies available on the market right now, giving yourself the opportunity to watch and get to know the motivational stories behind these is definitely enough to keep your heart full. 


Whether it is running on hometown roads or on Olympic fields, these running movies will certainly give you all the feels. You get to see motivation, d perseverance grit in all its finest.  

8 Running Movies That Are Worth Watching

Here Are the Top Eight Running Movies of all Time

Chariots of Fire

Based on a true story, Chariots of Fire tells the story of Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell. Coming from two different religious backgrounds, this film sheds light on the differences between training, culture, and lifestyle.


“This is strange. I have no interest in running and am not a partisan in the British class system. Then why should I have been so deeply moved by “Chariots of Fire,” a British film that has running and class as its subjects?” wrote legendary film critic Roger Ebert.

It shows us this through two characters as they represented Britain in the 1924 Olympics. Fitted with a deeply touching musical score and filmed with depth and rawness, Chariots of Fire is one for the books. 

Besides the fact-filled movie, stay for all the details about culture and tradition that make the difference between d winning losing. 


Forrest Gump

Starring no other than Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump remains one of the more iconic running movies of all time and for good reason. 

Spanning over the course of three years, the titular character makes an impressive run for his life across thousands of miles. 

This film is worth a watch because of its brings to light the beauty of running and its ability to bring catharsis. It also provides beautiful life lessons for leaving behind the past and making peace with it. 

McFarland, USA

A story of underdogs through and through, you will surely find yourself rooting for the boys and their journey to cross-country running. As the boys from the Latino town in Idaho set their sights on a state championship, you’ll understand why their coach exercises a tough-love approach. 


Based on the true story of Jesse Owens, Race tackles more than just the running landscape. More than Owens’ journey, this film centers on the glaring discrimination he had to overcome as he competed in the 1936 Olympics. 

Held in Nazi Germany, this film shows how one man broke records in every sense of the word. Watch how Owens persisted in the face of adversity and how he succeeded despite every challenge that came his way. 

I Am Bolt

A documentary movie, I am Bolt shows the journey of Usain Bolt’s bid to win nine gold medals in the Olympics. 

Touted as the fastest man alive, watch how this movie chronicles Bolt’s rise in the field and the challenges he faced along the way. 

Without Limits

Get to know running star Steve Prefontaine in this biopic. Considered a legendary short distance runner, this film centers on the Pre’s bid to win the gold medal at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. 

Besides shedding light on the glitz and glamor of the sport, this also showed the somewhat erratic tactics of Pre, as well as the car crash he encountered at such a young age. 

This also dealt with the rise of sportswear giant Nike through Pre’s running coach. 

Run Fatboy Run

A story about love, messy relationships, and of course, running, this film focuses on a man named Dennis who sets a goal to successfully run a marathon in the hopes of winning back his ex-fiancee. 

A feel-good movie, watch how a man who struggles with weight overcome his shortcomings and prove his capacity – blisters and all. 

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Another one of the feel-good and comedic films, Brittany Runs a Marathon is about a woman who aims to take charge of her life, lose weight, and ultimately live life to the fullest. 

Inspired by a true story, this shows the ups and downs of running and a woman in her bid to run the New York City marathon. 

It is the story of changing one’s life and living for the better, making it one of the best running movies that will inspire you to get on your feet ASAP. 

8 Running Movies That Are Worth Watching

The Bottom Line

Let these running movies inspire you with their groundbreaking storylines and even more cinematic deliveries. Who knows, you may just be motivated to become a runner too.