7 Hilarious Times Sport Coaches Got REALLY Mad On Live TV

We’re all familiar with the normal format for a press conference after a big game: the coach comes in, the journalists ask questions, the coach says some positive things about his team, and everybody goes home.

But, at the end of the day, everyone is just human, and coaches can get seriously frustrated!


What happens then? Well, we get some of the most awkward and sometimes hilarious moments ever on live TV, as managers and coaches lose their cool and aren’t afraid to show it.

Joe Kinnear. Image source: mirror.co.uk.

Number One: Dennis Green Loses to the Bears

“They are what we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!”

An instant classic of coach breakdowns, in 2006, Dennis Green gave a highly memorable press conference after his Arizona Cardinals lost to the Chicago Bears. Frustrated that the Bears had played exactly how he had expected them to, and the Cards had still lost, Green got steadily more angry, thumping the mic stand and yelling repeatedly.


Number Two: Sir Alex Ferguson Is Told He’s Struggling

Soccer’s greatest coach really doesn’t appreciate being told how he’s doing. After a journalist asked him what he was going to do about Manchester United struggling in European competition, the manager laughed sarcastically, repeatedly saying “we’re not struggling”, and then walked straight out, still laughing. 

Sir Alex was always good for a bit of tough love…

Number Three: Tom Brady (and all his coaches)

He might be the absolute greatest ever to do it, but even gridiron legend Tom Brady isn’t immune to a sideline outburst or two. On one memorable occasion, he had to be separated by teammates (and even Head Coach Bill Belichick) from his offensive coordinator, at whom he was screaming obscenities. Speaking of Bill…


Number Four: The Greatest Coach with the Greatest Way to Palm Off Reporters

“We’re on to Cincinnati.”

He might not have looked it, but you can guarantee he was furious. Bill Belichick once famously answered “we’re on to Cincinnati” to almost every question about a particularly painful New England Patriots loss. 

So serious was his deadpan that the moment has become immortalized with “we’re on to…” references throughout professional football.

Number Five: Joe Kinnear Goes Nuclear

Joe Kinnear once singled out a number of journalists at a press conference. Why? He wanted to tell them to their faces that he thought they were “c***s”. Fair enough. Unsurprisingly, they were not happy, and neither was his club. 

Number Six: Alberto Manesani Cracks Under Pressure

In one of the most memorable/brilliant press conferences ever, Manesani went on an increasingly vitriolic and emotional rant about how hard he worked for his club and how unfair it was that he was being blamed. He ultimately walked off yelling “24 hours!”

Number Seven: Bob Knight’s Whole Life

Adored by Indiana basketball fans, Bob Knight’s winning record and long career were famous. So, too, were his antics, including throwing a chair across the basketball court in anger, and assaulting a police officer. He left a mixed legacy!

Have you ever seen a sports coach flip out on live TV? Well, all of these seven folks did at one point or another, and you have to admit, it was pretty entertaining.