7 Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

We’re all familiar with the classic sports and activities: football, basketball, athletics, swimming, etc. But, what about the less well-known ones? Are there some hidden gems out there, hiding amazing and fierce competition behind a bizarre facade? Almost certainly! 

Because you know you want to find out what they are, we’ve gathered together a list of seven of the strangest of these weird sports and games and grouped them here for your enjoyment. 


Read on to find inspiration for your next sporting adventure!

There are many sports you might not have heard of, like chessboxing. Image source: en.wikipedia.org.

Number One: Chessboxing

This is probably the most self-explanatory name for a game ever! It consists of players alternating rounds in the ring with a timed game of chess. If you get knocked out or checkmated, you lose. Simple, but effective.

The game is a brilliant combination of the two opposite ends of the sporting world: the brain and the brawn. Players can be strong chess players, but if they are unable to survive the physical element they will be quickly beaten. Likewise, a good boxer with little understanding of chess will struggle to even get to the first boxing round! 


Number Two: Underwater Hockey

Of all the types of hockey, I bet you didn’t think underwater was one. It is a bizarre game in which the players do not wear oxygen masks, and must therefore come up to the surface repeatedly to breathe before submerging again to carry on hitting the puck. 

Players use tiny sticks to whack the puck, which is heavy enough to sink quickly to the bottom of the pool but can still be lifted off the floor a little when it is being hit. The sport has its own World Championships!

Number Three: Cheese Rolling

In Gloucestershire, England, competitors race against a cheese rolled down a very steep hill. Sounds insane? It is. People frequently break legs, ankles, and other body parts as they hurl themselves down the desperately steep hill.


The first person to reach the bottom wins the cheese. Makes sense!

Number Four: Wife Carrying

A Scandinavian tradition that has become an international pastime, wife carrying is another pretty self-explanatory one! Carry your wife through an obstacle course faster than everyone else, and you win.

Number Five: Dog Dancing (or Musical Canine Freestyle)

A dog really is a person’s best friend – but can they dance? This sport is about training dogs to do ever more bizarre dance routines. Good for talent shows?!

Number Six: Tiddlywinks

The classic children’s game is also an international sensation (sort of), with proper competitions and fanatical players.

Number Seven: Quidditch

You might think it’s merely a fictional sport from Harry Potter, but that’s only partly true. It’s now an actual sport, too, with players running around with broomsticks between their legs…

These are seven sports you’ve probably never heard of! Hopefully, they will spark your interest and inspire you.