Then and Now: 7 Celebs Who Went from Fat to Fit (And How They Did It)

Most sports fans think very highly of professional athletes. Some even think of them as athletic gods. Most athletes are sculpted like statues of Greek gods. However, they do not achieve these physiques just by playing their respective sport. A lot of heavy lifting, running, and various other forms of training happen behind the scenes to get these physiques from fat to fit.

Moreover, there is a lot of discipline required for this, as well. While most celebrity athletes are consistent with their health and fitness regimen throughout their careers (and sometimes their lives), some of them tend to lose their way. Sustaining a discipline for so long can get very tiring for some people, because of which, they lose their way and resort to bad eating habits and staying at home instead of hitting the gym.


In most cases, the career of these athletes goes downhill because of their inconsistencies with fitness. The only way for them to change things around is if they go from fat to fit.

Fat to Fit

Everybody loves a good transformation story. This is particularly true when it comes to celebrity athletes. People find it very inspiring and decide to take control of their lives because of their inspiration. Many high-level celebrity athletes have transformed their physiques by going from fat to fit. Not only have they been able to revive their careers because of it, but they have also improved their health.


It doesn’t matter how physically gifted athletes are. Lack of discipline can wreak havoc on anybody’s physique. You can gain 10 pounds in a matter of weeks. Besides the bad physique, it also damages cognitive abilities. Let us discuss 7 of the best celebrity transformation stories to get inspired and make changes to our own lives, as well.

Fat to Fit – Famous People Who Did the Impossible

1. Ronaldo

No, we are not talking about Portugal and Juventus frontman Cristiano Ronaldo. The Ronaldo being discussed here is Brazil’s very own R9. Despite having an illustrious career with club and country, the Brazilian Ronaldo’s career is a big what-if story that quite a lot of fans discuss. His career was plagued with injuries, which is why he had to retire early and miss a lot of playing time during his prime. His extra weight was the reason behind his injuries.

Although he realized the error of his ways later on in his career, making the change was the best thing that happened to him. He went on to play for Italian giants A.C. Milan, after which he retired in 2011 with Corinthians in Brazil. Ronaldo lost weight by following a strict diet and exercising every day. There were no fancy meals or exercises for his transformation from fat to fit – only dedication and perseverance.


2. Tyson Fury

The lineal boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury does not need any introduction, whether you are a boxing fan or not. His resume speaks for itself. Despite having an excellent start to his career, things went south pretty quickly for the Gypsy King. He went into depression and became an alcoholic, gaining close to 100 lbs in the process.

It took a near-death accident for him to realize to change his ways. He cleaned up his act, lost all the additional weight that he gained, and even drew a highly anticipated boxing match, which many perceived him to have won.

3. Lebron James

Elite level basketball players need to stay in good shape throughout their careers to be instrumental in their teams’ victories. Although several players have gone from fat to fit in their weight loss transformations, LeBron James happens to be an influence for most of them.

He lost close to 15 lbs by following a diet with low carbohydrates. He has doubled up on his training sessions and started prioritizing his sleep. All of these changes have elongated James’ career and improved his game further.

4. Romelu Lukaku

Inter Milan’s latest addition to their squad proved to be a fruitful one. Initially, many Inter fans thought that bringing in the Belgian striker was a huge gamble because of his time at Manchester United. He gained too much weight, which had a bad impact on his performances. However, Lukaku proved the naysayers wrong by cutting out junk food from his diet and lifting weights regularly. His performances in Inter Milan are a testament to that.

Other Notable Mentions in this ultimate fat to fit list are the following.

  1. Connor Mcgregor
  2. David Goggins
  3. Alan Faneca

The journey going from fat to fit is never easy. It requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice that most people are afraid of putting themselves through. We should appreciate the efforts of every athlete that puts themselves out there through tough times and take inspiration to improve our own lives, as well.