7 Bodybuilders Who Used To Be Unfit

Stressing over why your strength-and-endurance regimen still bears no effect on your body. Surely, almost everyone would agree that the path towards fitness is an uphill struggle. However, despite the struggle, everyone has to start somewhere and embrace the hardships before enjoying the fruits of his labor.

If you’re one among the many who currently sweat through their way towards the path of fitness, then it’s important to know some of the best real-life fitness stories that prove it’s never too late to achieve your dream body.


To give you a boost of encouragement, here are 7 jaw-dropping stories of bodybuilders who used to be unfit but managed to become physically fit. They are inspirational and will hopefully give you the boost in motivation you might need.

1. Rashard Keen

In all fitness transformation stories, there always comes a thing, event, or person that serves as the catalyst that would push a person to ditch his or her old ways. In the case of Rashard Keen, it was his son who gave him the epiphany to finally embrace a different and healthier lifestyle.


In an article published on bodybuilding.com, Keen described how the birth of his son pushed him to finally work his way out of his then 350-pounds body. Soon, barely a year after starting his fitness journey, Keen won the first place at his first-ever bodybuilding competition.

2. Miro Judt

While the first on our list finds his inspiration in the birth of his son, the second one was inspired by the heartbreaking departure of his sweetheart.

In an article published by the Daily Star, 33-year-old Miro Judt narrated how he was able to bounce back from rock bottom by turning to “a grueling diet and exercise routine” after his girlfriend of six years broke up with him due to his weight.


By altering his lifestyle, Miro was able to shed 40kg. He is now happily working on his dream job in the fitness industry and has found a new love in the glamour model Victoria Wilson.

3. Alastair Wilson

It is no secret that shedding off some weight comes as a difficult process, especially if you’re obese and are mentally exhausted. However, in the case of Alastair Wilson, this agonizing challenge became a fruitful experience.

In 2012, the then 280-pounds Wilson was considered obese, and it was affecting his mental health. Determined to finally welcome better days ahead, he decided to start hitting the gym and getting into bodybuilding, as well as hiring a personal butcher to serve him the proper diet menu.

About five years later, Wilson’s body weight is a surprising 168-pounds, proving that anyone, regardless of age and size, has the power to achieve what they’re longing for. To date, Wilson now works as a chiseled bodybuilder.

4. Evan Centopani

Another icon that deserves to be part of our list is none other than American professional bodybuilder Evan Centopani.

Revealing himself to be a former overweight kid, Evan Centopani soon rose into becoming a competitive bodybuilder who had won countless titles and had consistently placed high in every competition he had joined in.

5. Allison Warrell

If you’re in the midst of searching for the best transformation stories to give you the right dose of inspiration, checking out Allison Warrel’s transformation might do the trick. Born with the condition called with “achondroplasia dwarfism,” this little woman proved that size doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got the right level of determination.

In an article published by Live Naturally, Warrel recounted how she started her weight loss journey 8 years ago “to avoid potential surgeries that are common with achondroplasia dwarfism.” To date, standing at 3’11, she is now considered as the smallest bodybuilder in the world, who also works as a certified fitness trainer that helps other little people get into shape.

6. Shawn Rhoden

Of course, when it comes to the list of inspiring body transformations, no one would dare miss out on the story of the Jamaican-American IFBB professional bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden.

Although Rhoden started young in the bodybuilding field, he later went through a period of alcohol addiction following his father Lloyd’s death. This has led to him quitting the sports and gaining obvious weight in later years. However, with the help and support of his friends and loved ones, he soon made a major come back, recovered his original sculpted, muscular physique, and even became the oldest bodybuilder to win the Mr. Olympia title at the age of 43.

7. Charles Atlas

No one has ever reviewed the long history of bodybuilding without encountering the name Charles Atlas. At one time being recognized to be the world’s best-built man, Atlas exhibited one of the most inspiring body transformation stories.

According to Atlas, he started as a 97-pound weakling who was often pushed around by bullies. Soon, after turning his focus to bodybuilding, he soon rose into becoming the ideal self-made man of the early 20th century. When Atlas died at the age of 79 in 1972, he was still regarded with the title “The World’s Most Perfectly Developed Man.”


We all know the path towards fitness is a long and rocky road. However, with the right level of commitment, determination, and a little speck of inspiration, who knows what you could accomplish! You might become the latest addition to the list of jaw-dropping body transformation stories in bodybuilding history.