7 Best Sports Apps to Catch Up on Games and Stay in the Loop

Fans around the world know how sports can bring together not only one nation but also an entire population of supporters from around the globe.

However, one challenge international fans face is that they are miles away from the team they are supporting. The good thing is that there are online means to keep yourself updated about the sport and team you follow.


If you are an international fan, you should definitely install the right sports app. Not sure what to download? Read on to find out the 7 best applications available for Android and iOS devices.


Fans of sports, in general, will find the ESPN app useful for a wide variety of reasons. This platform carries a whole lot of information for different sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and esports. It even includes college leagues, so you can follow your alma mater’s team.


A great thing about this app is that you can access media content related to the sports you are following. From ESPN podcasts and radio to live stream videos of games. Basically, you have an entire arsenal of sports resources in the palm of your hands. Just make sure that you subscribe to ESPN+ to access these media contents.

2. Yahoo Sports

This application offers a whole lot of info not only for basketball, football, and baseball but also for hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, and mixed martial arts. To make navigation much easier, this app allows you to select favorite teams to customize the content you will see. What we like about this app is that it offers free video content, which is a perk, especially for fans on a budget.

3. NBA

Basketball fans, especially within the NBA, will find the NBA app a precious gold mine. This platform is released by the National Basketball Association to be the ultimate and favorite go-to app of NBA fans worldwide. From up-to-date scores, schedules, and stats to in-game and post-game highlights, this application will definitely satisfy any follower of the league.


You can also subscribe to League Pass to access live games, personalization and customization, and downloadable content. Want to watch out for news 24/7? This subscription allows you to view NBA TV – a 24-hour live stream of videos related to the NBA.

4. NFL Mobile

Delivered officially by the National Football League, NFL Mobile is the equivalent of the NBA application, this time for football fans. This platform offers a wide variety of content, including live local and primetime games, highlights, and replays. However, keep in mind that you can only access this when you have an NFL Game Pass.

For those who want to keep themselves updated about news and scores, one great thing about the app is that it has a very organized news page. This way, you do not have to worry about navigation.

5. MLB At Bat

For baseball fans, MLB At Bat is a great resource for live baseball. As the official application of Major League Baseball, it offers a variety of perks for followers of the sport. It keeps you updated about stats, scores, and news through each team’s page.

Moreover, you can watch highlights and key plays without costs. When you subscribe to a premium account, you can access more contents, including MBL.TV and radio broadcasts,

6. TheScore

In keeping yourself in the loop, it is important to be updated on real-time scores and stats. TheScore app gives you exactly that and more for a wide variety of sports. The selection includes golf and lacrosse. Of course, the app also carries info about the different teams playing in these sports.

7. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a good way to keep yourself updated about your favorite games and teams. It gives you a more customizable option aside from simply picking the sports and teams you want to hear about. In fact, you can enable push notifications to get alerts whenever there is new content about your favorites.

By downloading these sports applications, you can definitely stay in the loop anytime and anywhere. So, make sure to go to the Play Store or App Store and download these apps today.