5 Ways to Train Like a Professional Athlete

How many pounds did you gain during the pandemic? Most people are bound to gain a few pounds because there of decreased activity and a lot of free time. If you are working from home, then probably you are eating as you probably play video games or watch TV. 

Worse still, even gyms and fitness centers are closed due to the pandemic. Yes, some people are so disciplined in regard to their eating habits and nothing can deter them or take them off course. Some even have virtual trainers online and kept up with their exercise routine like the pandemic never happened.


If you are still in lockdown and need ideas on how to train, then this article is for you. Who knew that there could be a time where even with money, you can’t access a gym? If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to find alternative ways to do things.

5 Ways to Train Like a Professional Athlete
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Relax and Release

A myofascial release works the deep tissues and deactivates painful muscle knots. It also adds suppleness to your body. 

You can do a myofascial release yourself using a lacrosse ball, a foam roller, softball, massage stick, or a golf ball. Use any of these items to make a smooth pass and in case you feel tightness or a knot, concentrate on that area until it relaxes.


Tight glutes will hinder you from jumping, bending, and doing squats. Therefore, you need to do myofascial release to activate deep tissues before workouts. This prepares you for action and post-workout for quick recovery.

Activate Your Muscles

You will need bands to offer resistance to muscles as they contract and relax. This gives your joints the ability to stabilize. It is advisable that after doing the myofascial release, you can then follow it up with the band. 

 Stand on it, grab with two hands and raise it in front up towards your head top. Now drop your arms to midlevel, forming a T. Again raise your arms back overhead, do a shrug, and go back to midlevel to form T again. Repeat the procedure for as many times as you can.


Quality Sleep

When you sleep, the body slips into a muscle-building state which is optimal for growth. The ultimate goal is to get a quality sleep of seven to nine hours a day. At whatever time of day you choose to train, ensure you get quality sleep before, so your body can rejuvenate and grow. When you get enough sleep, you wake up fresh ready for the next day’s work or workout.

Focus on Compound Movements

Compound movements such as overhead presses, squats, power cleans, and deadlifts that use various joints at once are very effective. Since you are using more muscles at once, you’ll use little time yet will gain more muscles. It is recommended to use ground-based movements that have your feet on the ground. This helps your body to absorb and apply force via the ground.

5 Ways to Train Like a Professional Athlete
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Get Jumping

If you want to improve your sports performance, do exercises that make your movements explosive. Jumping converts into sports with an upright component. When you practice your jumping and landing mechanics, it will have a high carryover for a volleyball and basketball player.

 It is advisable to adopt box jumps, squat jumps, and quick vertical jumps to improve athleticism.

Last Remark

Have you realized that from the above workouts, there are minimal machines involved? This is to show you that training like a professional is achievable at home. You don’t need to have complex machines, trainers, or anything complex. Just give it time and do it consistently to achieve maximum fitness.