5 Tips to Create a Better Workout Habit

We all know plenty of great reasons why one should exercise and workout regularly. From boosting energy, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression – there are only positive sides to working out. 

However, it is easy to speak, but it is extremely difficult to exercise a habit and stick with the daily workout plan. Doing exercise, a habit takes more than just the will to exercise – you must have the right mindset, and most importantly, you need a smart approach. 


Now let’s admit it, we all have struggled to keep up with our daily workout routine, at one point or the other. That is why, today, we bring you these five tips that will help you create a better workout habit, stick with it, and ultimately achieve the health benefits that you want from yourself. 

5 Tips to Create a Better Workout Habit

Find A Partner And Workout Together

Exercising with a friend or making it more social will help make exercise a fun activity and keeps everyone motivated. If you cannot gather more people, at least have one fit friend of yours who can workout with you. 


Not only are you less likely to quit on a workout if you are accompanied, but you will also be amplifying your efforts and achieve greater gains. Having a workout partner can help you stay on track and motivate yourself to hit the gym as soon as possible. 

Compile A Workout Playlist

Listening to music when you hit the gym isn’t a new concept. Music not only relieves boredom but also improves the quality of your workout by escalating your stamina and keeping you in a better mood. 

Therefore, create a list of your favorite workout songs that include strong and steady beats that will help you boost your workout intensity. Hip-hop music is probably the best choice for creating a workout playlist as it goes with both high-intensity workouts like strength training and other cardio exercises. 


Eliminate The Excuses For Not Exercising

One of the main reasons we all fail to stick with our exercising habits is that we tend to make excuses for not exercising in the long run. Whether it is lack of time or energy, or if the exercise is way too painful and difficult – there is a solution to all such excuses. 

If you are too busy, try squeezing your exercise into your weekend plans; if you think the exercise is painful – you must understand that there is no gain without pain

Alternatively, if exercises are way too demanding, build your strength and fitness by walking, swimming, and engaging in other physical activities. 

Set Short Term Goals

To stick with your workout plans, you will need short term goals now and then. For best results, choose a mini goal for every week, which will help you experience minor changes every week. 

For instance, hold planks 10 seconds extra from next week and simultaneously increase your timings accordingly. 

Moreover, you will also have to cut the extrinsic goal of just losing weight. In most cases, people tend to lose motivation once such goals are met. 

Instead of such extrinsic goals, set short term and learn about the activities you enjoy doing. This will help you continue with your workout plans for the long term. 

Log All Activities And Gains

The best way to create and stick to the pre-planned workout habit is by monitoring your daily activities and keeping a log of all your gains. For that purpose, you will have to keep records of all your workouts and fitness progress. 

It will be very encouraging to look back at where you begin and where you are now at present. If making a note of them physically on a notebook or diary seems to be not possible for you, there are plenty of mobile applications that will help you keep track of your workouts. 

One of the best apps that can help you with that is Jefit, which helps you keep track of workout progress and analyze those data later on. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms and is absolutely free to use, along with some added features come with a paid subscription plan. 

5 Tips to Create a Better Workout Habit

The Bottom Line

To sum up, struggling to exercise regularly is natural, but these are five steps to create a better workout habit. 

After all, being fit and healthy is your primary goal – and you will have to do anything that needs to be done.