5 Sport Equipment Brands That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Wherever you are, whatever you do, there’s a big chance you’ll encounter someone wearing certain sportswear brands. From world-famous sports icons to dreamy models to fitness enthusiasts and to even street fashionistas there comes a broad range of people who seem to never get tired of wearing sports gear anytime, any day.

However, while there are several sporting equipment brands across the globe, there are certain sportswear names that remain highly distinguishable from the rest. From Nike to the retro charm of Fila, there is no secret that a few sport equipment brands have remarkably stood the test of time. These brands have managed to make their marks in the public consciousness.


To help you identify these timeless sportswear gems, here is a list that introduces each of them. Take a look at these major brands and see if you recognize them all.


Who could ever forget the famous line “Just Do It”? From their striking marketing campaigns that display the most iconic athletes in the world to their memorable slogans that have evoked just the right emotions, there are tons of reasons why Nike shoes remain to be the top-selling athletic shoe brand in the world.


Founded in 1964 with the name Blue Ribbon Sports, this sporting equipment brand has managed to win over the hearts of the world with high-quality products. These products are designed to be worn not just for sports-related activities but for comfort, casual events, and street fashion as well.

To date, Nike continues to provide competitive shoes that promise premium quality, excellent artisanship, and high comfort marked by lightweight materials, foam cushioning, and sturdier support.



First introduced in 1949, this German-based sports brand continues to show its fangs to its close sportswear rivals. Thanks to their distinguishable sneaker models and powerful endorsements, Adidas has strikingly exemplified a strong and apparent resurgence in the past few years; thereby, proving itself to be a timeless sportswear giant.

To date, Adidas remains to be the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second-largest in the world, only after Nike. Among their most popular products are their iconic tennis shoes Stan Smith and their classic comfort sneakers Superstar.


Another sportswear giant that has long lulled the heart of many sneakerheads is none other than Reebok. Launched in 1958, this sports company is known for its high-quality and well-designed sports shoes and equipment for every sport.

Today, although Reebok already operates as a subsidiary of Adidas, the brand remains to be a top global sportswear brand on its own. It serves as a vessel for people to get a hold of the most iconic sneakers from the past.


Founded in the early 1900s, Fila has proven itself to be a timeless sporting equipment brand that has remarkably stood against the test of times. In fact, as the world welcomes a resurgence of ‘90s fashion, this global licensing brand from Italy is more than ready to continue its world domination. From the classic breathable, water-repellent windbreakers and joggers to the gargantuan Disruptor, Fila has undeniably charmed thousands of consumers with its minimalistic fashion and sports-ready items.


Surely, no sportswear brand list could ever be complete without the mention of the iconic brand, Puma. Introduced in 1924, the sportswear brand has since then experienced tremendous growth, especially when Jessie Owens bagged four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics while wearing the shoes manufactured by the brand.

From there, Puma has continued to grow and expand, until reaching its current status as one of the leading athletic equipment brands in the world. Today, nearly a century later after their first roll-out, Puma remains to be a global sportswear giant that maintains a great presence in over 120 countries.

The Bottom Line

Surely, it is no secret that the world is currently witnessing a tremendous surge in classic wears as people crave the iconic and nostalgic looks of the past.

To date, as the sports realm continues to move further towards the future, these five incredible sporting equipment brands have proven themselves to be timeless gems that have stood the test of time. Which among these brands appealed to you the most?