Top 5 Free Apps For Those Who Like To Run

Running is one of the best exercises for many people. It offers a lot of benefits, not only physically but also mentally. If you are a runner or you want to start doing this activity, running apps could be your best friend.

These apps are beneficial for runners, especially when you like training alone or you are compelled to train alone. These apps allow you to create customized coaching sessions, track your progress, and even provides motivation as you run.


You can also save some money by getting free apps to help you while you train. Want to know what run applications you can get for free? Check out this list.

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5 Best Free Apps For Those Who Run


One of the most used fitness apps is Strava, which is designed for runners and cyclers. Casual and professional runners love this application because of its comprehensive features.


From compatibility with various GPS devices to report generation, Strava has it all.

It offers a wide range of analytics for all kinds of runners. The best thing about this app is that you can see the metrics of other users taking the same route. This is a great way to motivate yourself. After all, a bit of healthy competition won’t hurt.

Those who purchase Premium subscriptions can enjoy exclusive features such as some metrics and the Beacon feature, which informs designated contacts about your location.



Those who are conscious about their daily step counter will love to use Pacer. It is primarily focused on counting your steps, while also letting you create a running routine. The app uses your daily step count to analyze your day-to-day activity.

Pacer makes running more fun, especially with its integrated music player. It also has a feature that lets you take on group challenges to give your routine a little bit of competition to motivate you.

Like Strava, you can get more perks when you choose to get a Premium subscription. Paying users can access a whole lot of video workouts and training strategies to help you improve your routine.


There are times when you will be compelled to stay indoors, such as during a storm or a quarantine event. Runners are definitely ready for such situations. You are likely to have a treadmill that allows you to exercise even without going outdoors.

Zwift lets you do your routine as usual while giving you the feeling of being outside. Basically, it is an online training ground that shows you a virtual environment full of other runners from around the world.

This has an integrated Bluetooth connectivity which is used to show changes in the virtual environment according to your pace. You can install this app on your phone and tablet. You can also cast or mirror the app on a bigger screen such as your TV.

Nike+ Run Club

If there is a company that can create great apps for those who run, it would be a sports company like Nike. Complete with coaching functions, this app offers a wide variety of features for runners.

From pre-recorded cheers, after you finish your routine, to photo sharing to showcasing your statistics, you can definitely count on this app for all your workout needs. You can also access audio coaching sessions from Nike’s top coaches.

Those who use Nike’s high-tech shoes can connect your footwear to your device. This gives you premium performance monitoring, while also letting you enjoy professionally developed footwear.


Your device can be your training partner with MapMyRun. Developed by Under Armour, this running app lets you use your phone’s GPS tracker to monitor the distance and route you have run.

The best thing about this app is that it gives away prizes for completing some of the challenges. These prizes are announced on their website. Such incentives serve to motivate you to complete your exercise and more.

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The Bottom Line

With these free apps, you can start your running routine without much issue and with assistance from a professionally developed program. So, if you are a runner or if you want to start, then make sure to check out what these free apps have to offer.