The Top 5 Apps to Watch NFL Football

Everyone is aware of the magnitude of NFL football and wants a way to watch NFL live. It is one of the biggest football leagues in the world. Thirty-two teams are present in this league. The NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference) divide these teams equally. Not only is the NFL America’s biggest football league, but it is also among the biggest sports leagues in the whole world. Millions of people watch NFL matches whenever they are on. Almost every game has high stakes, which makes them even tenser than they already are. Add to that the diehard supporters that every team has, and you have a recipe for a great football match.


Fans get to watch NFL for 17 weeks. The league begins in September and ends in December. The preferred choice to watch these games is to go to stadiums and see the teams playing live. Watching the games on large screen TVs is also a good way to enjoy the NFL. However, sometimes, that simply is not possible, as several factors prevent us from watching these games in stadiums or on TVs. Life can be terribly busy at times, and there are moments when even the smallest of things make us miss our favorite games. It could be a trip to relatives, a busy day at work, or traveling long distances.

No matter what we are busy with, missing our team’s matches just doesn’t feel right. Everyone wants to be there when their favorite players score a touchdown and win it all for the team. Luckily, for those who are afraid of missing football matches live, there is an alternative. Now, we can watch NFL matches live on our mobile phones and tablets. The highly advanced smartphones of today are capable of streaming live NFL matches through a variety of apps. Sound good? Well, without wasting any time, let us discuss some of the best apps you can access to watch football matches live.

Watch NFL Football
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5 Best Places to Watch NFL

1. NFL

It doesn’t matter whether you are outside, inside, with your friends, or all alone. Watching football these days is as easy than ever with the official application of the National Football League. The organization knew the evergrowing fanbase of this league needed more flexibility to improve their viewing experience. Therefore, it went on and created a fine app dedicated to people who want to watch NFL matches live on their mobile phones.

You will need to pay a subscription fee to stream live matches. The quality is as good as you will find anywhere else, as long as your Internet connection is good. The app also eliminates the need to be constricted to a single place for watching the games. Now, you can go anywhere you want to while watching your team beat the opponents on your mobile phone screen.


2. Thuuz Sports

This is one of the best sports streaming apps out there. You can catch every single NFL game on it live. The app rates all the upcoming matches according to their importance, which is helpful for people who are new to the NFL but want to follow the games. Thuuz Sports also allows its users to make personal customizations according to their liking. It makes their user experience better and lets them watch the NFL without any hassle.

3. Feedly

Feedly is an excellent app for watching live streams without any lagging. The app stands out because of its dedicated interest in the NFL despite having several other sports available to watch on its platform.

Not only do users get to watch NFL matches on it, but they can also see schedules, rumors, news, scores, pre- and post-match interviews, and highlights. You can also enter NFL-related keywords in this app and get access to blogs and other kinds of information relevant to the sport.

4. Sofa Score

This is another popular app to watch NFL matches among many other sports. The app provides live updates regarding the matches while also giving you additional information, like the scorer’s team lineups, suspensions, team news, injury lists, etc. Sofa Score is a simpler app when you compare it to some other apps for watching football. However, it does the trick, especially because it is free.

5. Sling TV

Not only does Sling TV let you watch NFL matches live, but it also streams Super Bowl matches live. Technically, Sling isn’t an app for streaming football matches. However, it does stream the channels that show those matches. So in a way, it is more or less the same thing. The app has close to one hundred channels on its platform, with more than 60,000 hours of sports-related content.

With so many handy apps available to watch NFL matches live, you cannot go wrong. Make sure that you have a decent Internet connection and that your mobile is fully charged so that you can enjoy watching these matches for their full duration. For more sports-related content, click here.