15 Photos That Marked the Trajectory of the Star Diego Maradona

The untimely death of Argentina soccer legend, Diego Maradona, has left most of the football world to deal with a gaping hole. Considered as one of the greatest players to ever dominate the field and the sport itself, Maradona truly was seen as a hero in every sense of the word.

On the field, he was touted as one of the most skilled and powerful players to ever play the game. Maradona was considered the master of the ball, with his exceptional command of using his left foot. 


Having lived a fun and exciting life on and off the field, let us take a look back at some of the photos that truly marked Diego Maradona’s successes and his legacy in soccer. Read on to learn more.

Image Source: Faraday Future

1982 Spain World Cup Against Belgium

This photo shows a young Diego Maradona going against a barrage of Belgian defenders held during the 1982 World Cup. He reportedly received the ball from fellow teammate Ossie Ardiles, before attempting a shot over their heads. 

Image Source: New York Times

Balancing a Ball in 1986

The football star shows his skill in balancing a ball in 1986. This is the year he won a World Cup for Argentina. 

Image Source: USA Today

Showing Masterful Command of the Ball

Maradona is renowned for his control and ball manipulation techniques and this photo shows just that. 

Image Source: Gazeta Esportiva

Hand Goal Against England in 1986

This picture depicts Maradona shaking hands against England during the 1986 World Cup. This game against England, later on, sparked controversy thanks to his hand of God goal, which reportedly infuriated the English, said The New York Times.

Image Source: Gazeta Esportiva

Scoring a Goal Against England in the World Cup

Considered as one of the most beautiful goals ever in the history of football, this match is viewed as the finest game many have ever seen. Maradona obtained the ball from the halfway mark and dribbled the ball before shooting his shot. 

Image Source: NPR

Going Against English Defenders

Another shot of the thrilling match against England during the quarterfinal match held in Mexico City. Diego Maradona is shown dribbling and maneuvering his way past three English defenders. 

Image Source: Gazeta Esportiva

The Hand of God

Known as the hand of God, or “la mano de Dios”, this goal was considered highly controversial. Many accounts say that Maradona used his left fist to punch the ball, a move only allowed to be used by the goalkeeper.

Image Source: New York Times

Another Angle of the Controversial Goal

The New York Times said that Maradona gave various accounts of the incident. He switched on from saying he never touched the ball to having touched it accidentally. He later attributed the win to divine intervention, being called the “hand of God”.

Image Source: Gazeta Esportiva

1986 World Cup Champions

Diego Maradona is shown kissing the trophy after a sweet win. He must have been incredibly happy.

Image Source: New York Times

Diego Maradona with the 1986 World Cup Trophy

Here, the football star is lifted by his teammates after winning the 1986 World Cup. He is surrounded by throngs of people, including reporters. 

Image Source: NPR

Celebrating Argentina’s World Cup Victory

After securing the win, Diego Maradona raised his arms in victory to celebrate with the people. 

Image Source: New York Times

World Cup Final in 1990 Against West Germany

Held in Rome, the football superstar is shown entangled with Guido Buchwald from West Germany. 

Emotive meeting with Ali Bin Nasser | Diego Maradona Official - Welcome to  Diego Armando Maradona's Official Website
Image Source: Diego Maradona

Meeting Ali Ben Nasser, Referee Who Validated the Hand Goal in 1986

The Tunisian referee met with the Argentine player. Ali Ben Nasser was the referee who validated the controversial hand goal. Many say the referee should not have agreed to the goal, but Nasser failed to see the offense.  

Image Source: Gazeta Esportiva

Maradona and Lionel Messi

Renowned for his prowess on the field, Maradona, later on, coached another Argentine superstar, Lionel Messi, in 2010. 

Diego Maradona Coaching Lionel Messi

Image Source: New York Times

Also in 2010, this shows another angle at which Maradona coached Messi against the World Cup help between Argentina and Mexico. 

The Bottom Line

All these photos of Diego Maradona showed his legacy and his rise as one of the most remarkable football players of all time. With his passing, football and the sports world have truly lost an excellent athlete