The Rules to Qualify for the US Open Golf Tournament

Are you looking at growing your golf career? Do you dream about playing in the US Open Tournament? Well, it’s possible to play in the most difficult and most important tournament of the year.  Moreover, it’s open to both amateurs and professionals. You must first understand some of the rules. For instance, if you are … Read more

Check Out the Key Players for the Dodgers

If you are a professional baseball team fan, then the Los Angeles based Dodgers team must be familiar. They have won World Series titles seven times and 24 National League Pennants. This team was born in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, and was initially named the Atlantics. When the Dodgers joined the  American League in … Read more

The Most Impressive High Jump Records

The high jump is a Track and Field event that is usually featured in most Olympic Games and International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Indoor Championships.  The competitors have to jump without any aide over a horizontal bar without dislodging it. In the modern and most practiced format, the bar is placed in between two standards … Read more

A Close Look at Tennis Star Bob Bryan

Robert Bryan is a former American Professional Tennis Player who has so far won 23 Grand Slam titles, 7 of them in Mixed doubles and 16 in men’s doubles. He became a professional in 1998, and together with his twin brother Mike have been the world’s No.1 Players in doubles.  They first achieved this top … Read more

Discover the Most Watched Soccer Tournaments in the World

One of the most popular sports in the world is soccer. If you are an avid fan of this sport, watching it personally is what you look forward to. Soccer is one of the sports that can gather thousands or even millions of attention across the globe in a single game. What’s good about this … Read more

Discover These Celebrities Who Are Also Athletes

Being famous may seem easy to us, but we never see the actual struggle behind it. Celebrities work extremely hard to get to where they are today. You know and recognize their on-camera talents, but what holds behind is a mystery to viewers.  What’s even more amazing is that numerous celebs are not just talented … Read more

The Best App for Those Who Love Running – Check it Out

Imagine having to run for your life from a fierce monster (kind of like being in a temple run game). You have to keep running or else it is the end for you. If you’re a runner that fierce monster is that commitment to keeping fit by running.  That drive cuts through all procrastination and … Read more

5 Tips to Create a Better Workout Habit

We all know plenty of great reasons why one should exercise and workout regularly. From boosting energy, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression – there are only positive sides to working out.  However, it is easy to speak, but it is extremely difficult to exercise a habit and stick with the daily workout plan. … Read more

Discover the Best Yoga for Runners

Most avid runners do not have yoga at the top of their exercise list and notoriously, they find yoga a little hard for them as they generally tend to have tight muscles that make the deep stretches difficult and a little painful to do. Exercisers who love to pound the pavement understand that a lean … Read more

Check Out These Exercises to Become More Flexible

In order to be more flexible, the best exercises to do are those that aim at stretching your body. One of the most exciting parts about doing these flexible workouts is that they encompass a well-rounded fitness routine that incorporates cardio and strength work. Stretch exercises are good for reducing the tightness in your muscles … Read more